The Energies of Now: 9 August 2014 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

The Energies of Now

Hullo everyone – there’s been a lot of intense energies in the sky.

Sun conjuncts Mercury conjuncts Lilith in Leo (ROAR) – You have the Light of Consciousness/Awareness focused on the way you intellectualize, communicate and perceive your ability to create, to express your authentic selves, to rise to a position of leadership and/or to relate with your children/children in general. Lilith in Leo strongly brings in the energy of Goddess Kali, as she Rises against injustices meted against women and men who embody the feminine principle – obstacles to women or non-hetero men rising in leadership will be strongly highlighted at this time – pathways to breaking through ‘the glass ceiling’ will be revealed by the Full Moon, coming soon.

She says: Tread where you will with grace and power, my Sons and Daughters for I AM by your side.

This powerful conjunction squares Saturn (form, structure, order, manifesting the desires of the super-ego) in intimate, penetrative Scorpio. Boundaries and discipline set in pursuits of shadow-work, inner work, intimate relationships, our understanding of power (over self or other) will be set at this time. These limits are there to help you learn, and are not obstacles to your growth unless you choose to see them that way.

The Sun-Mercury-Lilith conjunction also trines Uranus Retrograde (inner awakening, awakening through ‘error’, explosions in consciousness and the flow of intuition) in Aries. Expect radical changes to one’s perception of Self as Self makes its way through the world at this time.

The kinds of shifts happening with these powerful energies, a few years ago, would have seemed overwhelming to most of us. But with the changes brought by the Grand Cardinal Cross, the Grand Water Trine in late May 2014, the recent ‘season of shifts’ and Grand Sextile – I feel as though many are handling these cosmic forces with grace than they would have imagined possible.

There’s a lot more happening as well – a Grand Water Trine between Juno, Neptune Retrograde and Mars/Ceres/Vesta in Scorpio has just formed. Ceres recently entered Scorpio, and just now Juno entered Cancer. We see new chapters unfolding in our relationship with the Divine aspect of the Feminine Principle.

There’s a lot more coming, and it will be phenomenal.

Blessings and Love to All,
And May we Awaken into our own Power, Grace, Beauty and Authenticity with every Breath we Take….

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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