SEPTEMBER: THE ENERGY OF COMPLETION (and Build-Up to a Powerful Grand Trine, 5th-8th September 2014)


Blessings to all,

September’s energy is one of completion. The skies in October look very different from the energies we’ve been facing over the past few months. We are experiencing our Final SuperMoon of the year in Pisces (on the 9th), a powerful near-Perfect Grand Sextile (on the 13th) and Final Grand Cross of 2014 (barring any brief configurations formed due to the Moon’s transits, notably on December 4/5). Both the Grand Sextile and the Grand Cross configurations cease on September 20-21st. Shortly after that we the beautiful trine between Jupiter and Uranus Retrograde (September 26), something thing we’ve all been waiting for – which I feel will inject us all with much needed hope, drive, optimism, dynamism and the spirit of innovation. We’ve all bore so much for so long, died countless emotional deaths, let go of such and transformed so spectacularly over the past few months. I suppose this is the Universe’s way of saying ‘Job Well Done’.

So, we’re going the last few rounds, finishing the law few chapters of a particular circuit of karmic fulfillment and spiritual growth. It’s been a long series of lessons, starting with the hints of the Major Grand Cardinal Cross (April/May with Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto involved) as early as December 2013. I’m sure all of us will be looking back at 2014 with a sense of wonder. Somehow… it turned out to be more intense, transformative and life-changing than 2012 (at the human level of experience).

But hey, let’s get back to the present. Having set the goalpost, let’s talk about where we are now. We’ve got a Near-perfect Grand sextile already in place. The only ‘missing’ planet is in Taurus – but if you consider asteroids in the equation, then it becomes complete with asteroid Diana. Diana (16 Taurus) challenges us to fend for ourselves and fulfill our own needs. She protects the qualities of innocence and childhood and punishes those who transgress the sexual boundaries of others without hesitation.

The other components of the Grand Sextile are:

Juno in Cancer, Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, Mars/Saturn/Vesta/Ceres in Scorpio, Sun in Virgo, Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn.

Pluto Retrograde and Juno are also involved in the Grand Cardinal Cross, which sees them squaring Uranus Retrograde in Aries and Pallas Athena in Libra respectively.

And so you see, the sky is lit up with these configurations and alignments. But that all changes once we get past September 20/21st.

Right now, the aspect of the near Grand Sextile which I wish to focus on is the Grand Water Trine. This will form at a +/- 1 degree orb between 9:30 pm 5th September 2014 – 7:17 pm 8th September 2014 (GMT + 8), involving Juno in Cancer, Chiron Retrograde in Pisces and Vesta/Saturn in Scorpio.

What this means, is that we will have these three days to focus our intention to manifest, express, feel and intuit with Water-Based energies. Juno seeks completion of the Soul, whilst Chiron seeks the lessons of healing through the transcendence of the Wound. Vesta seeks to Serve an ancient karmic debt, through which she will ultimately resurrect herself (owing to her proximity with Saturn).

This is a time to look inwards to see ‘what is missing’. This is a time to search yourself for the answers as to how/why you have cease to be inspired or are out of tune with ‘the flow’ so to speak.

Be aware that this energy takes place at a time where other aspects are going going exact, e.g. (not a complete list) Pluto squaring Pallas Athena, Juno squaring Uranus, Sun quincunx Pluto, Chiron opposing the Sun, Jupiter squaring Ceres – all as part of the build-up to the Final (Culminating) Supermoon in Pisces (September 9). We then have Neptune Retrograde opposing Venus and Mercury conjuncting Pallas Athena.

We also have three Yods (Fingers of Fate) going exact on September 7th…

‘Intense’ doesn’t quite cut it……….

So let’s take it a day at a time…

Blessings and Love to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD



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