Pisces Supermoon, Sept 9 2014, 9:38 am GMT + 8, 16 Pisces ’19 (Part 3)

Pisces Full Moon
We’ve all been preparing for the Final Supermoon of 2014. It’s energies have been poignant, beautiful, transformative and utterly spellbinding all at once – a craft that Pisces does best. Look back to March 1st 2014, when we had the Pisces New Moon to see how the experiences you have now are culminations from that point in time.

On March 1st, I found myself an ancient temple in Nepal dedicated to Lord Shiva – the original Pashupathinath. I fell in love, and died there – all at once with the hills, the Spirit and the link to that land. The kind of death you find when the Ego can simply no longer exist in the direct presence of the Divine.

I quite literally stunned my friends at East & West Int. Tours & Travels when I totally changed my plans and pointed to a place on the map – I knew something was there, calling me, and so it was. We did some detective work together and discovered the temple and its link with a sacred mountain in the Himalayas (I’ll tell you about that at some other point). All this so close to MahaShivaratri (The Great Night of Shiva).

I’ve been experiencing the release of attachment, the acceptance of a Divine Plan, the sense of breaking through a wall and onto a new Path. All this is to be expected with Pisces, and for me, personally, it takes me back to Lele, Nepal and to Lord Shiva whom I associate strongly with Pisces energy. Compassionate, nurturing, dissolving, transcending and all-embracing — and somehow still painful, when there is someone or something you’re still holding onto that is not yours. It could be a person, a dream, an idea (about yourself, even).

So – look back, look back, look back to March 1st 2014 and what’s happening now will make a whole lot more sense.

In the skies right now, we have the Sun and Moon/Chiron in a T-Square with the asteroid known as Karma (hint, hint) at 16 Sagittarius. Events are coming to an end, the past revisited, only for its influence to end (if you choose to release, rather than retain). You may also want to look back at March 7th 2014 for when the Sun opposed Karma. I’ve posted a list of links where I’ve presented a deeper astrological analysis of the energies present.

Big changes are happening, my friends. Undeniably so. I suspect many of us will have our understanding or sense of self, destiny and purpose on this planet radically altered at this time.

It’s hard to under-emphasize what this lunation is doing for our collective evolution. Thank the Moon, the Stars and the Universe for being what they are.

Say your goodbyes to the shackles of the past, my friends – because what’s coming next is simply Extraordinary. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say ‘out of this world’.

I’d suggest recording whatever thoughts, impressions, memories, dreams, messages arise within you – or are sent to you – at this time for later reference.

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Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Photo: Pisces SuperMoon 2014 by Bairavee Balasubramaniam. All rights reserved.


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