Dust tornado

Blessings all,

The die has been cast. The founding brick placed. Steps have been taken which locate you on whatever path or road you will take for the part of your life’s journey. Time will make the implications of your choices unfold, and Time will teach you what you need to know to make the best of them. I suspect the remainder of 2014 and much of 2015 will essentially be about deepening the foundations you have set for yourselves on the paths of your choosing – throughout the trials of the past 10 months.

The Final Grand Cross and Near-Grand Sextile of 2014 have officially ended. I suspect the Cross in particular had one last spanner to throw in the works so to speak before dissipating. The general feeling is one where ‘the dust has to settle’ before taking the next step.

But don’t worry. You’ve already done the best you can do, and what you needed to do through an incredibly intense time. The cosmos has also been sending us much intensity through powerful solar storms, which so many are sensitive to.

Even if it doesn’t look it for some, everyone will have something for which they can take pride in. Even if that measure is purely survival – know that you’ve made it through what has been an excruciating phase of release, shedding and re-alignment through absolute intensity, an astrological crucible of fire.

So by all means, dear Phoenixes and Butterflies, Celebrate!

With the Equinox tomorrow (23rd September) take the time to take stock of what you have chosen, and what you have opted not to choose. This isn’t a time for regrets, but of measurement and evaluation. Many will feel the need to rest or sleep to facilitate integration of lessons learnt and energetic choices made – Think of it as the Caterpillar’s last kip in the Cocoon before the Butterfly comes out to play.

We’ve also got several powerful planetary aspects operating in the skies at this time – these are just brief summaries of their energies as one could write an article on each!:

Mars in Sagittarius squared Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – Assertive energy triggers a wounding, particularly in the realms of the spiritual. The wound-triggerer is likely to represent a male or ‘masculine’ approach to spirituality/philosophy which more closely mirrors ‘the way things have always been done’. If said wound occurs, know that it too has its lessons to teach. Release the need to blame and judge, especially at this time.

Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn – the energy of transformation through crisis changes flow or direction. Outer (external) events are more likely to trigger crisis which lead to transformation and growth rather than inner ones, emanating from the psyche. A situation of crisis is likely to emerge through the seeming ‘pushiness’ of another person who represents the status quo or a figure/insitution of authority.

Juno in Cancer trined Vesta in Scorpio – The flow of Divine Feminine energy combines powerfully and amplifies the energies of the Priest/ess who tends the Sacred Flame. Powerful memories from lifetimes of service will be activated for many at this time, irrespective of Gender. We will be drawn to situations, people and events that connect us – at a more profound level – with the energy of the Feminine. These may not always be positive, uplifting events, particularly with Vesta involved – but potentially deeply karmic ones that pose powerful challenges. Remember the importance of sacred, sexual, intimate, and energetic boundaries at this time, and your Right To Say No if one seeks to erode them.

Vesta in Scorpio squared Lilith in Leo – Powerful men and women representing the Rise of the Feminine will be challenged to reconcile the call for Service and Sacrifice on their Paths, alongside the desire for recognition and appreciation for what they do. Here, a balance of Ego and Heart is Called For. Power can give rise to a false sense of superiority or authority, and the feelings of powerlessness to a false sense of inferiority. The idea of ‘sacrifice’ or ‘spiritual service’ can be distorted if either, both of these are present. Know that you cannot be bullied or coerced into either without the idea of ‘sacrifice/service’ losing its original meaning…. It has to come from the Heart. And don’t be put off by the word ‘sacrifice’ – nothing morbid – it can refer to time, energy, etc.

Jupiter inconjunct Chiron Retrograde – The Teacher (Guru) triggers the Soul’s Wound. Potentials of wounding through a judgmental figure that considers itself an authority of some kind, possibly on matters of philosophy or faith. The lessons of the wound make you question the role, scope and necessity of the Guru in one’s life. Some people work better with structured guidance, and others do not. There’s no ‘One Path’ that works for everyone. Bear that in mind if you feel the need to tell someone how they should approach their path – or before allowing – someone else to do the same to you. By all means speak your views about your understanding of Self-Spirit, but know that there is a difference between expressing yourself and seeking to ‘convert’ or influence another to adopt the same road as you.

Uranus Retrograde inconjunct Ceres – Radical, abrupt transformations in inner consciousness trigger perceptions of care-giving and entitlement to care. These changes in thoughts can be triggered through sudden or unusual communications, particularly through electronic media, from friends or members of your Soul Group. Roles surrounding ideas of motherhood, the mother-daughter bond, appropriate boundaries between parent and child are also given special emphasis. (Equally applies to fathers who play the traditional mothering role)

and of course — Jupiter trine Uranus Retrograde (September 26)

The Guru/Teacher harmonizes with and amplifies the Inner Awakening Process. Opportunities out of the blue are likely, ones which can expand your sense of awareness and facilitate experiences that help you Re-Member your Soul’s Essence, Purpose and Make-up in Material Incarnation. This is likely to come through an unexpected communication (often through electronic means), potentially a friend or a member of your Soul Group.

This is a Big Event. And a powerful kick-start to the new energies that have already begun to build, just as we have – and are continuing to release – older energetic alignments.

Remember – all this is happening around/as part of the build up to – the Equinox (Sept 23rd) and the Libra New Moon (Sept 24) whose effects last + / – 3 days.

The remaining shake-ups and wake-ups in this period are helping you make your understanding of Balance more concrete. You’re going to be able to better articulate your intentions – particularly as they relate to notions of equality, justice, fairness, partnerships, collaborations and bridges built between yourself and others. And just in time! For the Libra New Moon.

For those of you who work with the Hindu pantheon and/or the energies of Goddess Durga – Navaratri – the largest Hindu festival dedicated to Her will begin on the 25th. The ‘Nine Nights’ of celebration are ones which involve fasting, prayers, colourful dolls and parades (in parts of India) celebrating different aspects of Her.

Who better to start off a new phase of growth than the Mother-Protector Herself?

Lots of Love to All

Smile! Big things are coming

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Image Information: By NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Bally (Univ. of Colo. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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