At 10:41 am on October 10th, 2014 (GMT + 8), a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate/Karma) formed in the skies, involving: The Sun, The Moon, Venus, North Node, South Node, Chiron Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde. A second Yod forms at 8:23 pm with Mars, The Moon, and North Node/Venus/The Sun. The first yod breaks at 7:48 am tomorrow (Oct 11), whereas the second yod breaks a few hours later at 10:53 am.

The first yod is activated by a powerful opposition between Sun/North Node/Venus in Libra (as the apex) and South Node/Uranus Retrograde in Aries. The dynamics that activate this opposition are likely to involve a sense of wounding, particularly to do with one’s vision or understanding of spirituality, or one’s connection/perception of other worlds/realities through Chiron Retrograde in Pisces. The other activator is the security, sensuality and comfort/attachment seeking Moon in Taurus. Some issue to do with your basic sense of solidity and security and a challenge to your spiritual paradigm is likely to trigger a situation of crisis: One which requires you to assert who you are in a balanced, non-confrontational way. The temptation to ‘Charrrgeee!’ will be there, but it’s a call for a more quiet, yet equally powerful, type of self-assertiveness – particularly in partnerships (both professional and personal).

The second yod is linked to the first, meaning that the dynamics of Balance in Partnership (Libra) and the Taurus Moon are doubly activated. In this second Yod, it is the Moon that is the apex. The other activator is Mars in Sagittarius. Mars deals with our assertive drives and our urge to ‘go and get what we want’, typically described as ‘masculine energy’ (but not limited to men). It can also represent the male partner for some. In Sagittarius, this energy is prone to be overly judgement about what philosophy, practice or ideology they think is ‘right’ for everyone else.

With the Moon at the apex, it will be a time of heightened emotions for most – and the call to redefine our subconscious understandings (represented by the Moon) of what constitutes security, pleasure and comfort (Taurus). As Mars and Libra are involved, it is likely to be an issue triggered by a male or (stereotypically) masculine partner – either in personal or professional life.

Throughout this period, we will also see the formation of an intense T-Square involving The Moon, Jupiter/Lilith and Saturn/Ceres. This will be felt as a Grand Fixed Cross for those with astrological placements at or near 20-21 Aquarius. This lasts until 7:44 pm tomorrow.

Briefly – the apex of this T-Square is at Jupiter, then shifts to Lilith. Jupiter deals with an amplification of experiences, energies and teachings. In Leo, it focuses upon the lessons garnered through romance, creative pursuits, dynamic leadership, authentic self-expression, deep vulnerabilities, dealing with children and/or the inner child. Lilith deals with the Suppressed or Dark aspect of the Feminine on the rise. We may be called by the Taurus Moon (subconscious perceptions of material security, etc. ) and Saturn/Ceres (the karmic taskmaster conjunct the Nurturer in Deep Scorpio) to express these suppressed urges for self expression in a powerful, creative and dramatic way. Note that the Moon is already activated twice by the double yod, and now again, with this potent T-Square.

Remember that we still have a powerful Nodal Kite formation involving the Grand Fire Trine (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus Retrograde/South Node) opposed the Sun/Venus/North Node.

In some ways, the pressures of today’s Yods and T-Square form a ‘Part 2’ or sequel to Eclipse energies. We are likely to be called to act upon some of the lessons we learnt during the October 8 Eclipse itself – ultimately to do with the authentic expression and assertion of the Self in relation to Others.

On days like these – exercising your right not to respond, staying put or seeking solitude may be the most powerful expression of Honoring the Self. Put yourself out of the way of those who seek to incite you to extremes, or to unnecessary drama. Simply be you without the need for external validation or acceptance. Channel your emotions and energy into creative pursuits and activities.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings To All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Edmund Blair Leighton – Sweet solitude.jpg – Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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