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Blessings all! We’ll be having a powerful Near Grand Sextile (NGS), beginning later today and lasting for 18.5 hours. The NGS is formed by the movement of the Moon through the sign of Gemini, linking up with Uranus Retrograde/South Node, Jupiter, Sun/North Node/Venus and Mars.

Grand Sextiles are essentially placements that look like two overlapping triangles (one facing upward, the other, downward) surrounded by a hexagon. They are familiar symbols across diverse faith traditions. For instance, Hinduism might represent it as the Shadkona Yantra, or even the basis of the Mahalaxmi Yantra – whilst Judaism would represent it as The Star of David, also the Seal of Solomon.

Astrologically, these elements are templates for energetic manifestation of whatever that is desired. So be cautious with what seeds or intentions you place during this potent alignment – for they will manifest accordingly.

Those with astrological placements between 14-20 degrees Aquarius degree will feel it as an actual Grand Sextile. Those who do not can still work with the alignment by consciously engaging with Aquarian energies, ideals and pursuits, e.g.: Mental/Intellectual Awakening, Humanitarian Causes, Friendships, Idealism, Rebellion, Individuation, etc.

There are other celestial bodies such as Klotho, Damocles and Alnair that do exert their influence within this range. Each has its own lesson to teach. Damocles refers to the perils of power and reflects the maxim ‘be careful what you wish for’. It is also the bearer of unexpected news and shifts in perspective. Damocles was a real person who got his wish to sit in the monarch’s throne and reign, only to discover a sword pointed downwards to the throne, hanging only by a hair. He quickly realized that his perceptions of power were not in alignment with reality and renounced the position he was given, thereby indicating an altered perspective.

Klotho refers to the beginning of a new cycle of life, learning and karma – with seeds of the end embedded in the very beginning. In mythology, Klotho is one of the Moirai (Fates), along with Lachesis and Atropos. Klotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures it, and Atropos ultimately cuts it. As a Goddess in her own right, Clotho or Klotho is both giver and taker of life (to cut a very long story short, if you’ll pardon the pun). She is also associated with the energies of resurrection, dispensation of justice and the creation of the Greek alphabet (along with Hermes).

Alnair’s influence is one that imparts grace, detachment, balance, a keen interest in astronomy (would also extend to astrology). It is part of the Grus (or Crane) constellation ( The Crane itself symbolizes longevity, secrecy, strategy, loyalty, innovation and honour. It advises you to stay focused on your tasks without drawing too much attention to yourself and also emphasizes the use (or transcendence) of the past as the foundation for your future ( – And more or less – that’s the position I’ve been recommending people to take at this time of great intensity.

Putting it all together, this Grand Sextile energy is one that can really work towards creating or beginning a whole new chapter in your spiritual journeys, based upon your engagement with your pasts. It’s time to let go of ideas of power and desire that are not in alignment with reality (unless you’d like to be forced into that shift, as Damocles was, literally at sword-point). It’s also a time to stay centered, grounded and somewhat secretive about your work, transformation and journey at this time. The moment to present it openly will surely arrive. Keep working on what you have to and avoid unnecessary drama.

Those who work with this energy constructively can set the seeds for a profound transformation in their level of self-awareness.

Also – please bear in mind that profound karmic dynamics are also at play as indicated by Klotho’s role, and also the involvement of the Nodes.

This opportunity will last between 7:28 pm, October 12 2014 – 2:57 pm October 13 2014 (18 hours, 29 minutes). Please note that the Sun conjuncts the North Node at 10:38 pm on October 12th. I will do a separate post on this. The Sun/North Node also form sextiles to Jupiter (17 Leo) and Mars (19 Sag). Those with planets at or near 18 Pisces and 18-19 Taurus will feel this as two powerfully karmic yods.


Blessings and Love,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Graphic by Bairavee Balasubramaniam
Crane Image Information: Bian Jingzhao-Bamboo and Cranes.jpg, Public Domain, via Wikipedia Commons.

All astrological interpretations are my own unless stated otherwise.

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