SOLAR ECLIPSE, 0 SCO ’25, 5:56 am, October 24 2014 (GMT + 8)


Blessings everyone, it’s been an overwhelming Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio. I’m going to give you the gist of it without going into too much detail.

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Pallas Athena (all between 0-2 Scorpio) focus our awareness, emotions, desires/perceptions, strategy and convictions upon Scorpio. Scorpio represents the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. It relates to the way we engage with our personal and collective Underworld. It calls our karma to task and holds all accountable in its wake. The power and magnetism of Scorpio can both heal and regenerate, penetrate and awaken – just as it can be used to manipulate, overpower and destroy. (For an intro to Scorpio’s energy, see – )

At 0 degrees, we are given the opportunity to ‘reset the karmic balance’ as it were and find new ways of harnessing this potent, transformative energy.

Given the North Node (18 Libra) /Mercury Rx (16 Libra) conjunction in Libra right now, it feels as though the events unleashed by this Eclipse directly relate to past karma in terms of partnerships, collaborations, and your relationships.

Looking at where 0 Scorpio (the degree of the Eclipse) lies in your chart can shed some light as to how you are likely to have felt/feel its effects. Remember, you can check this out at by drawing up a free chart for yourselves.

1st House – Self, Sense of Identity, Physical Body (Health + Appearance)
2nd House – Connection with Abundance (Material, Emotional), Sense of Nurture
3rd House – Relationship with Siblings, Perceptions, Communications
4th House – Family Matters, especially related to the Mother, Mother-Goddess Connection
5th House – Matters of the Heart, Romance, Creativity, Children, Sacral Energies
6th House – Work, Health, Routines, your Material Path of Service
7th House – Partnerships in Marriage and Business, The Shadow Self
8th House – Sex, Death, Taxes, the Intimate Partner, the Occult
9th House – Higher Education, Travel, Philosophy, The Teacher/Guru/Guide
10th House – Career, Status, Legacy, Social Prestige, Achievement, Authority, Recognition
11th House – Friendships, Altruism, Charity, Networking, Electronic Media, Individuality, Mental Breakthroughs/Breakdowns
12th House – Transcendental Spirituality, Dissolution, Compassion, Martyrdom, Lack of Forms, Lack of Boundaries

This Eclipse Stellium in Scorpio (Moon, Sun, Venus, Pallas Athena) is also trined Neptune Retrograde at 4 Pisces (the planet of Inspiration, Dissolution and Transcendence). The powerful Scorpio-Pisces connection can either lift you to new heights in your understanding of the Subconscious and its link with Spirit. It can also uncover subjects that are ‘taboo’, ‘messy’, ‘ugly’ (in our perceptions) at the same time. Tremendous truths, exploding as powerful emotional revelations are very possible at this time. For those who use the Tarot, I would link this energy with the symbol of ‘The Tower’ – the letting loose of old order, structures that were known come tumbling down.

A very Kali-esque energy…

Whether this is a ‘negative’ cascading of events or a ‘positive’ one depends on many factors – which house the Eclipse occurs in, whether it involves karmic dynamics larger than yourself (e.g. within families, organizations, societies, etc.), even your attitude or mode of perception in response to it. The Eclipse Stellium also makes a quintile (energy of manifested creativity) with Jupiter (The Guru, Blessings, Abundance) in Leo. Come what may, there is a lesson for you to be learnt and growth to be manifested. There is a silver cloud through all the drama and crisis that this Scorpio eclipse can bring – it may be more obvious for some, depending on their circumstances.

In addition to this, the Eclipse Stellium is also squared Juno at 6 Leo, which in turn is inconjunct Neptune Retrograde. This means that the events which trigger the Neptune Rx-Eclipse stellium connection are likely to be prompted by a figure in your life who represents the energies of Leo – it could be a romantic partner, a child, someone whom you hold very close to your heart. Those with astrological placements at or near 4 Capricorn will feel this as potentially a life-changing yod or Finger of Fate. Another potential yod is formed with placements at or near 6 Libra.

My hope is that we individually and collectively learn from this Eclipse as best we can and find ways to healing and transcending old wounds – to quote my mentor. Astrologically, we see this as a powerful opposition made by the Eclipse Stellium and 1992 QB 1 (a Trans-Neptunian Object) at 1 Taurus. 1992 QB 1 represents our ability to go past the boundary of death, the fear associated with Pluto (and therefore Scorpio’s energies, for more info see ) – and the powerful ideological shift that collectively needs to take place for this kind of Transcendence to occur.

It is literally stepping past the threshold of the old, and into the New.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Partial solar eclipse Oct 23 2014 Minneapolis 5-36pm Ruen1.jpg – By Tomruen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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