In the wake of the Scorpio Eclipse, many of us have had profound revelations of truth. Some of these truths have been joys to receive, and others have been heartbreaking. The experiences I’ve been hearing about (and witnessing) have been mixed – but in all cases, they are profound indicators of where we need to be headed, what needs to be repaired – and what ultimately needs to be detached from.

Those of you who have experienced this in a joyful way – continue to ride the high vibes of Spirit. You’re going to begin your spiritual journeys in powerful, new ways!

For for those you who have been at the rough end of the karmic roller-coaster ride – those who are now grieving, feeling lost, hurt, or disappointed with others – I am hoping my words will be of some guidance, and hopefully, a salve for aching hearts. Ultimately, you too are heading to new shores and destinations, even if doesn’t feel that it could possibly be the case!

Trust that this too is a key part of your movement towards Wholeness, towards Spirit.

Some of have seen the ‘eclipsing’ or phasing out of old relationships – with friends, family, partners – others may have even experienced this as a ‘death’. Some may have manifested the Eclipse energy as a call for you settle your emotional, spiritual and other debts – bringing yourselves back in the clear.

Whatever the situation is, chances are its out of your control. All that remains in your control is how you respond or react to whatever has come to pass.

Try to remember that another person’s reactions, perceptions and actions are not yours to control. You can’t change the way a person chooses to act or behave, even if they choose to avoid the best path for their own growth.

Some of you will have felt the ending of close relationships, and the loss of friends – often through a dramatic ‘culmination’ – or death, if you will. It lead to intense feelings of grief, even without a ‘physical’ death.

The relationship may be reached ‘the point of no return’, in which both parties have to either revisit their perceptions and expectations of each other and begin anew. This requires both parties to let for, forgive, and accept this ending.

Some time may need to pass before this first step to reconciliation can begin – however – in some cases, this may not be possible.

For those in this situation, whilst you’re processing your emotions, grieving, letting them out ( be it through words or tears, or both), as you let yourself ‘flow’ — try to cultivate a parallel sense of spiritual detachment. Know that this too shall pass, and that endings are part of the natural cycle of Life and its Seasons (joy, sorrow, neutrality, birth, death, rebirth, and so on).

It may take some time for a sense of ‘normality’ to be found once more- not something that will just happen overnight. As you rebuild the foundations of whatever has been lost or swept away (which will of course involve parts of you), seek to rebuild on a foundation of Truth.

Blessings to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Dactylorhiza fuchsii Mariazell 01.JPG – By Uoaei1 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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