Mercury is still in a half-state from its recent retrograde. Communications, perceptions, mental activity of any kind is likely to be somewhat stalled or delayed for many at this time – in contrast to their usual selves. On the surface, whilst this may appear to be a ‘slowdown’ of sorts, in fact, Mercury is still making it’s journey back upwards through the Netherworld/Underworld of the psyche (the place where it goes each Retrograde – as the only Olympian god to be able to traverse the three worlds in Greco-Roman mythology). I like to see it as Mercury still processing things from ‘down below’ before it is ready to truly move out of that phase. Look back to the past few weeks to see what Mercury may be helping you process at such a deep, deep level.

The Mercury/North Node conjunction occurs at 7:11 am October 30 2014 (GMT + 8). They are also conjunct asteroid 1181 Lilith (17 Lib), Toro (19 Lib) and Typhon (19 Lib). All these bodies indicate powerful expressions of emotion or raw power, particularly to do with the Suppressed Feminine and archetypes linked with the Under/Netherworld. We are also asked to consider the right or proper use of power and force through the vessel of the voice, the mind, speech, analysis and all forms of communication.

Mercury/North Node will also be squared with the Moon at (21 Cap ’25) when the conjunction occurs, which in turn squares the South Node at 18 Ari ’16). It will be a Cardinal Nodal T-Square with the apex (focus) at the Moon in Capricorn.

The focus on the Moon signifies the potential for emotional stress deriving from a sense of duty, responsibility or a need to achieve something – and also the potential for a breakthrough in these areas. Those with placements at or near 18-20 Cancer will experience this as a Cardinal Nodal Grand Cross.

So with a foot in each world, Mercury now faces the full force of the North Node in a powerful Cardinal Nodal T-Square. We are challenged to walk our talk in the direction of our greatest growth, which may entail substantial difficulty.

The North Node is uncompromising and fully focused upon exploring ‘uncharted territory’ through new avenues of experience and pathways for growth in Libra-related areas: relationships, partnerships, justice, fairness, aesthetics, social harmony, detached judgment, etc. It’s asking you to make key decisions in the way you relate with other people, and the role you ascribe to yourself (and others) in partnerships. Self is just as important as Other, and Other is just as important as Self – it’s not an invitation to sacrificing your identity to keep the peace or trampling all over someone else’s just so you can do as you please.

Also remember that relationships are reflections upon our state of harmony and balance within ourselves and with the wider Cosmos. In some cases, you might not be able to repair a past relationship, and sometimes, walking away may be the best thing you can do.

Be careful of adopting a position of avoidance or denial. There may be some things that you can absolutely do, even with Mercury in this half-state. Look at what makes you feel the most _uncomfortable_ (but not violated / hurt / etc. ) in changing a particular relationship dynamic that may have come under scrutiny in recent weeks. And remember – ‘comfort’ – isn’t the same for everyone – people do get ‘comfortable’ even in unpleasant circumstances because they have adapted to it and consider it ‘normal’. In cases like these, moving towards healthier way of relating may feel like having to walk on hot coals.

Other Astrological Notes:

Mercury/North Node are in a Wedge formation, sextiling Jupiter (20 Leo 11) and opposing Uranus Rx (13 Ari ’39) / South Node. (Jupiter of course trines Uranus) In this configuration, Jupiter acts as a pivot point and can be a useful point to refocus one’s energies.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed – Engage in creative works, playing with kids, getting in touch with one’s inner child, falling in love, spending time with the love of your life – anything that reconnects you with what you enjoy! (And it’s a good general piece of advice in any case)

Those with astrological placements at or near 20 Aquarius will feel this as a Mystic Rectangle (which gives you the option of creating a stable pattern of harmony/balance, or a sense of being ‘confined/enclosed). Individuals with placements at or near 18-20 Pisces will feel this as a powerful, Karmic, Yod/Finger of Fate that pushes you to make a key life-decision of some kind.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: Ripple effect on water.jpg – By Sergiu Bacioiu from Romania (Water Drop – Explored) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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