Cauldron and Yod 407 14 11 14

There’s a Cauldron in the skies, and it’s brimming with energy. Uranus Retrograde (13 Ari) is trined Juno/Moon (12 Leo), which is squared Pallas Athena (11 Sco), which sextiles Pluto/Mars (11-13 Cap), which squares Uranus Rx (12 Ari). It lasts till November 23rd , and so it’s energy plays a big role for the next 9 days.

That in itself is a potent combination, one which seeks to set your level of consciousness on fire and initiate major life shifts. But that’s not why I’m writing this post … This Cauldron (not a technical term, just what I call it), is activated by the most powerful Yod of 2014 – the one which defines the month of November 2014 (as I’ve told you about before – ). This Yod gets fully re-activated again at 4:18 am, 14th November 2014, GMT + 8

Pluto/Mars – the explosive combination of power, crises, subconscious/subterranean journeys meets the fierce assertiveness of Mars. They join forces in the sign of Capricorn, taking (stereotypically) masculine energy and amplifying its power in the sign of Capricorn – all to do with status, achievement, legacy and our ideas surrounding what outlives us from a material perspective. This powerful energy is sextiled Chiron Retrograde (13 Pis), the Wounded Healer, who is forcing us to confront old wounds from our Soul’s past (karmic ties), our final point of dissolution/beginning, our understandings of spirituality, otherworldly energies and transcendence.

Both Mars/Pluto and Chiron Rx are sextiled one another, and each side makes an inconjunct aspect to Juno conjunct the Moon in Leo – thus reactivating A MAJOR YOD. The focus on this energies will be upon your emotional, intuitive, subconscious understandings of Sacral / Sexual / Creative / Passionate / Joyful / Child-like Energy (Leo). The energy of Leo links up with your sense of joy in life, your ability to create, to express who you truly are, as well as your interactions with romantic partners and children. There is some overlap here with Heart Chakra energy, but my feeling is that the emphasis is more so on the Sacral (Creative) aspect.

Juno (already a part of the Yod) focuses the intensity of this energy upon soulmate dynamics in particular, and the people who open you up to new experiences and perspectives, particularly those that involve the flow of Goddess Energy (Shakti, Asherah, Sophia, Shekinah) and so on. Yods are portals towards new chapters (or re-visitations of old chapters) in our spiritual journeys.

We have a choice as to how we deal with the challenge posed by this yod. Wisdom can be found within your Heart’s deepest Core. You will know no Fear, no Ego, no Confusion the moment you connect with this energy within yourself. Working with Goddess archetypes at this time is a splendid idea, for the spiritualists among you x

Coming back to the Cauldron, this powerful yod creates opportunities for Awakening (Uranus Rx) in your understanding and embodiment of Self and I AM Consciousness. It also challenges and allows you to strength your ability to use the mind and voice of conviction to hold true to your Heart’s messages (Pallas Athena). Thse with astrological placements at or near 11-13 degrees Gemini will experience a yod involving the sextile of Pallas Athena and Mars/Pluto.

I would also like you to bear in mind that the Sun is nearing its square with Jupiter (21 Leo) – I expect this to manifest as a form of tension, probably involving a respected guru/recognized spiritual/intellectual/religious authority. Bear in mind that this is also contributing to a highly charged energetic climate in its own right. Those with astrological placements at or near 21 Gemini/Aquarius will experience either a Fixed T-Square or a Grand Fixed Cross (depending on your chart). An excellent opportunity for getting out of established ‘ruts’ and overly-fixed ways of thinking about your path, and who you are.

The North Node (17 Lib) is still sextiled Vesta (19 Sag) – those with astrological placements at or near 17-19 Taurus will experience a very, very karmic yod that will test the resolve, dedication and commitment of any spiritual facilitator (i.e. priestess, witch, priest, shaman/ka, etc.). The opportunity to find ways to support and/or nurture yourself materially, emotionally and spiritually will the point of focus.

Blessings and may you find the resolution that is required.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

4 thoughts on “THE CAULDRON AND THE YOD RE-TRIGGERED! 4:18 AM, 14-11-14 GMT + 8

  1. Wow the yod and cauldron are exactly what I am focusing on in my journey! Thank you for this encouragement that I “am tuned in”. I am a bit concerned that the second yod you mentioned affects those with gemini 11-13. This is my natal sun and mercury!
    Any further help with this would be appreciated.
    Also I did a crystal ceremony for the last yods you wrote about and got a beautiful tarot message afterwards. So glad I found your work!

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    1. Hi love, the sextile between Pallas Athena in in Scorpio and Mars/Pluto in Capricorn indicates that your ability to hold onto and speak for your convictions (Pallas Athena) is going to be used in matters which deal with Scorpionic energy (it’s a vast area: intimate partnerships, sexuality, the use of power, the subconscious, the shadow self, etc.). Your capacity for assertion and drive (Mars) is paired with Pluto (Scorpio’s energies once more). They are in Capricorn – so this relates to the position you hold in society and/or what legacy you leave behind through your achievements – more broadly speaking it also deals with the way you view and interpret Success. With the Sun (your Light of Consciousness, your Point of Awareness) and Mercury (The Intellect, The Mind, The Communicator) in Gemini — you are basically challenged to find ways in which to discover, interpret and speak your truth. Particularly to those in your immediate environment and/or siblings / others in your early childhood environment.

      I hope that answers your question. Much Love ❤



  2. Every time I read your articles, I think, I need to sign up for a reading. One of these days! Lately I have been led here, somehow, and there is an answer to a question I wasn’t even asking, which means “this is good stuff for me”. Brilliant work and thank you!


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