YOD IN THE SKY: PLUTO-CHIRON APEXING WITH THE MOON, 5:31 am – 7:59 pm Dec 11th 2014, GMT + 8

Pluto Chiron Moon

Blessings to all! We have another yod in the sky. Pluto sextiles Chiron indicating that we are once again asked to confront our Soul’s Wounds (Chiron) through the modality of Crisis and Transformation (Pluto).

Both Pluto and Chiron point towards the Moon (Emotions, The Subconscious, The Mother, The Goddess) – indicating that our resolution or response to this alignment is likely to be a deeply emotional one. Pluto in Capricorn questions our deepest attitudes towards achievement, status, the pinnacle of manifestation and the structures of legacy (e.g. institutions) we leave behind for future generations. Chiron in Pisces points to older wound in the soul’s history, quite possibly from previous incarnations and shows us all those tender places in which the answers to our Soul’s quest for completion are to be found.

The Moon in Leo (loosely conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and Juno) asks us to look at the Inner Child Within, the Seat of our Most tender emotions and vulnerabilities. We are called not to shy away from, or use these vulnerabilities like a crutch. We are called to become aware of these wounds that limit our sense of self-expression and joy, and to allow our True Voices to Roar through that sense of wounding.

This is a time when issues surrounding the wounds liked with authority, and with our deepest spiritual truths will rise to the surface. Very intense, very powerful – especially as you consider the upcoming exact square of Uranus Retrograde and Pluto on December 14/15. The Moon is also trined Uranus Retrograde at this time (as part of the Great Goddess Fire Trine – see http://wp.me/p4OUNS-bb ). Your responses to this Yod will trigger pathways of Evolution and Awakening in your sense of Self (Aries).

Blessings to all, and remember to heed that Voice of Authenticity within. Know that Inner Child Wounds are being brought up for you at this time, as it is for all others. Kindness goes a long way, but remember to Honor and Heal your Child as well.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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