Gateways to Guidance

Blessings to all! Just a quick note. Mercury refers to our communicative, intellectual and analytical faculties of expression and perception. Jupiter in Retrograde refers to the way we go forth and expand our sense of perception and awareness, albeit in an inward manner. Blessings of guides, saints and teachers are more present through inward reaching practices at this time. With the energy of Mercury trine Jupiter Retrograde, such messages (from guides or teachers) are likely to be made more conscious to us at this time, which we can then express, share (if appropriate) and act upon.

Mercury is currently in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) and that bridge between the reception of guidance and your conscious mind is likely to be extra-open at this time in any case. Jupiter Retrograding in Leo suggests that these messages are best received through inward practices that focus upon the creative power and joy inherent within the Sacral Chakra. Creative pursuits that feature children/your inner child construct/childlike play and/or artistic endeavors that integrate external and internal spheres of movement are excellent ways to ‘tune into’ the Guidance that surrounds you.

In my case, it was during my Odissi dance class, when I suddenly began hearing a mantra I was not overly familiar with (and with my teacher looking it up for me), realizing that it was somehow associated with a Saint whose image appeared in my mind

Dance, Play, Creativity – however you choose to go inwards to receive this deep guidance – remember to place focus upon your breath and the stillness within that you may be better able to receive the message present.

The exact trine aspect occurred at 7:12 pm, 12th December 2014, GMT + 8 [nearly an hour ago]

Enjoy this energy, allow yourself to open deeply into your different layers of consciousness and see what messages of Guidance your Guides are bringing to you today.

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD,

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