I’m in a very different place right now than when I started this …. life path in the public eye. My ideas of success, public service / image and ideals surrounding the legacy I wish to create (Capricorn) have utterly transformed. I hardly recognize some parts of myself anymore, but also see the new bits as the natural successors of the old.

Even if this process of transformation has seemed erratic and powerful and intense to me, from the sky’s point of view it is inevitable as the seedling’s first push through the hard shell that once protected it.

I don’t suppose I’m alone in feeling this way. I suppose it’s a sudden movement and transformation that has taken many of us by complete surprise. Inevitable, really when you look at all the precursors to it present in 2014. But still somehow surprising to the human mind, when you look back and realize that the old way of being simply seems inaccessible and unintelligible to/in the present.

For me, at the very least, I look at this year as a New Beginning. One where I re-learn everything I thought I knew about myself, but in a wholly different way. Rather than run, leap, soar – I’m being asked to sit, then finally learn to crawl again – but in a whole new way, opening up a whole new sense of Self-hood. And maybe sitting still in this way is a whole lot more effective than anything else I’ve done so far.

But that’s me, and each journey is different. Some of you will resonate with this, others may be experiencing the complete opposite, or something wholly different. And it’s all cool.

Somehow through this profound shifting of self-awareness, there is this fundamental movement towards a far deeper sense of Balance and Acceptance of Self than I have ever imagined possible.

I envision this … transformative process to radically alter the frequency of the work that I produce (both in terms of vibration and simply, how frequently I wrote), the facilitations that I perform, and so on. So let’s see how this unfolds !

Blessings and Joy To All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Impressionistic ripples.jpg – By jenny downing from Geneva, Switzerland [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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