Blessings all. I took my time with this post as I wanted to understand the fullest implications of this New Moon, and all that it can represent in our lives. I engaged with the energies of this Moon in a fairly different way than before, and so I’d like to share that process with you – it fits in well with its energies.

I was poised to write the New Moon Report, as usual, with my fingers at the ready. But something was missing. It wasn’t enough. I consulted all of my favourite astrologers’ writings on Aquarius – whilst they weren’t ‘wrong’, and my brain understood them, I felt that some part of the experience – was simply missing.

Now for those of you new to astrology – Aquarius’ energy is linked to the concept of the ‘Higher Mind’, processes of awakening, revelations, epiphanies, breakthroughs, innovation, a refinement of consciousness. It also relates to friendships, soul groups, collective work undertaken for idealistic, humanitarian purposes, altruism, and so on. The energy also links to the Individual and his/her unique gifts, and manifest in the form of heightened intelligence, eccentricity and/or an indubitable sense of originality, uniqueness – even genius. Some astrologers also focus upon Aquarius’ role in manifesting your hopes, dreams and wishes and connect it with a sense of intuition. The sign is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. There’s a lot more to it, but it’ll suffice as an introduction.

So whilst I understood all of this, I still felt that some kind of experiential learning was missing. I quite literally looked up at the Universe and mentally uttered a prayer:

Universe, Teach me about Aquarius Please.

Less than a second after that, my mom calls me from the next room (without any conscious idea of what I’m working on) and says: Ma, come watch this film about Ramanujan.

Srinivasa Ramanujan was a Tamil Brahmin, a mathematical prodigy who – even as a child – intuitively discovered 3,900 mathematical theorems without any formal training. He was the first Indian to be elected as a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge University. His work in mathematics formed the precursor of so many aspects of the modern world – think ATM and passwords, for example.


He attributed his discoveries to the blessings of Namagiri Thayyar (the Goddess of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, India – the wife of Lord Narasimha – the Half-Man, Half-Lion avatar of Lord Mahavishnu ). For more information see –

It was a fascinating film (called: Ramanujan) and one which helped me synthesize in my own mind (both the intellectual and intuitive parts of it) what I understood as the energy of Aquarius.

It doesn’t differ from what has already been written content-wise, but it was important for me to have those experiences in order to ‘feel’ into the sign in a deeper way that I’d done before. So rather than a ‘discovery’, I would say it is a personal re-discovery or re-acquaintance with this energy.

As far as I am concerned … astrology is a living art and the deeper you go into yourself, the deeper your knowledge of it becomes. It is a never-ending learning process.

That and my Progressed Sun is about to enter Aquarius 😀 😀 😀  So it was high time.

What I would add or emphasize upon the brief intro I provided above is the following:

The energy of Aquarius moves very quickly, emerging – out of the blue – with the speed of lightning. It is sudden, eruptive and utterly transformative. Allowing yourself to be open to and receptive of this energy can lead you to visionary leaps of cognition, fueled by your intuitive self (just as Ramanujan did with his Mathematics).

By connecting both intuition and cognition, Aquarius activates the many different levels of what we call the Mind and all of its gifts. It allows the Mind to act as the recipient of Cosmic Connections, and Wisdom from (your definition of Source).

It represents the power of manifestation your desires, intentions and goals as you see your Co-Creative role, alongside the Universe.

It has a particular connection with the nervous system (similar to Gemini, Mercury), including the neural network that forms up the architecture of the brain.

It facilitates the raising or awakening of the Kundalini, and so spiritual practices of that nature need to be undertaken with some sense of moderation, balance and focus

Its energies are a natural outgrowth of the opposing sign – Leo – Leo’s gifts are more focused upon the activation of the Sacral Chakra, the energy of childhood, a sense of vulnerability, authenticity and the challenge of true self-expression. We take the gifts of childhood, sometimes hidden – sometimes nurtured, into the sense of individuality that we mature into as part of Aquarius. If Leo represents the Child, the Aquarius (in key ways) represents the Adult. It can also work in reverse for some, depending on their charts.

Another Leo-Aquarius connection is present when you consider the role of Creativity/Creation (Leo) and the Aquarian understanding that S/he is a Cosmic Co-Creator, able to manifest whatever is desired.

Finally, when the gifts of the Creative Child are actualized (Leo), and the Individual realizes his/her Co-Creative role alongside the Universe — the Individual (now matured) is called to bring and combine his/her sense of originality, uniqueness, etc. as part of a Collective effort. Whilst the Individual is not lost in the Sea of Oneness, he/she becomes part of a larger group dynamic aligned with certain values or ideals.

Aquarian energy is Fixed Air energy – bear in mind that one of the pitfalls of this sign is utter stubborness. One can become wayyy to fixated with a sense of values, ideals, or even a sense of Self (a seed of the Ego, beginning in Leo) – understood as the Only Truth – and refuse to go past a certain stage of development.

To work with this energy and be completely receptive to the Wisdom that the Universe can teach you – in other words – it is important not to become too attached to what you think you know about yourself, your gifts and your role in the collective 😉

So – taking my experience and exploration of Aquarius into account – what does this New Moon / Supermoon signify for us all?

At 9:13 pm on 20th January 2015 (yesterday), the Moon conjuncted the Sun at 0 Aquarius ’09 – it was also the first Supermoon New Moons in general are portals of New Beginnings. They are times in which we set the seeds we wish to harvest – we see these intentions culminate when the Moon reaches the opposite sign, in 6 months time. So what you do between 17-23 January creates ripples in time and space whose effects you are likely to see manifested around the Aquarius Full Moon (July 31st 2015).

Aquarius New Moon January 20 2015

The kinds of intentions you may want to seed at this time relate to
– the development / maturation of your sense of individuality
– ways you can come together as part of the collective
– ways you can manifest a world in alignment with your deepest ideals and humanitarian visions
– ways you can expand your mind (intellect and intuition) and its connection with the Cosmos
– key decisions surrounding the kinds of friendship groups or groups linked by a common cause or perspective that you wish to be a part of
– exercises to awaken the kundalini (only with a teacher/professional you trust – not something I would advise you to do without guidance you trust)

and so on 🙂

In terms of astrological influences, we had quite a lot going on.
– The Double Yod that has dominated much of January (Juno Retrograde – Chiron – North Node; Pluto – Juno Retrograde – Chiron)
– The re-activation of the Great Goddess Fire Trine (lasts till October of this year), now featuring – Juno Retrograde – Uranus – Pallas Athena/Saturn
– The long-standing Nodal T-Square involving the North Node, Uranus / South Node and Pluto
– an opposition between Black Moon Lilith and Mars / Neptune
– the conjunction of Mars / Neptune (squared Saturn / Pallas Athena)
– a ‘Wedge’ alignment between Black Moon Llilith, Mars/Neptune and Ceres (trining Lilith, sextile M / N)
– Venus conjunct Mercury (preparing for its retrograde) and opposing Jupiter Retrograde

So, quite an active sky! And one which really challenged us on multiple fronts. I’m not going to get into all of the details (some are already addressed in my blog), but I will say that Venus/Mercury opposed Jupiter Retrograde played a fairly major role.

Venus (desires, relationship with material value systems, relationships, sensuality, feminine awareness – and many other things) met Mercury (communication, intellect, perception, early childhood conditioning, sibling relations) in Aquarius. We were asked to look at what it is we choose to manifest, how and why. We were asked to see how it related to the scripts we inherited in early childhood, and potentially lessons from our siblings. The opposition to Jupiter heightened the role of Guidance (coming from a child, your Inner child, childhood, a romantic / sexual partner, a creative person) in asking you to look to the lessons of your childhood to see what Aquarius can then (in its more matured form) manifest.

Jupiter in Retrograde and Mercury preparing for its Retrograde (it’s begun now, but not at the time of the New Moon) both place these lessons/ forms of guidance as internal ones.

I hope this explanation of my process of re-discovering / re-integrating Aquarius (for myself) and description of the New Moon’s energies is of benefit to the collective.

Many Blessings and Much Love as Always,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Images: Aquarius wassermann.jpg – By Chaouki Kamboua (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons ; Srinivasa Ramanujan – Indian Math Society – ; Astrolog Screenshot by Bairavee Balasubramaniam

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