PLANTING THE SEEDS, REAPING THE FRUIT: SUN NOVILE CHIRON (9:39 am, Jan 23rd – 12:59 pm, Jan 27th 2015 GMT + 8)

The Aquarian Sun is currently in a novile (40 degree) aspect to Chiron (14 Pisces), and will remain so over the next three days. Novile aspects indicate how two energies will grow to influence one another, over time. The way in which both energies are harnessed at this current moment in time determines their future, later manifestations. It is the relation between the seed and the soil, and how the interaction between the two can later culminate into a tree bearing fruit – it is a forward-looking energy.

The Aquarian Sun focuses upon the Awakening Process. We are focused upon elevating or deepening our sense of Consciousness at this time, particularly with respect to the role that we – as individuals – play as a part of the collective. Our attention is focused on friendships, networks aligned with charitable causes, processes of awakening ‘the Higher Mind’, and so on.

Chiron in Pisces, on the other hand, asks us to become aware of the core wounds we bear in matters to do with past-life experiences, the Soul’s karma, transcendental spirituality, our experience of Connection-with-All and our relationship with the idea of Formlessness and Dissolution. Pisces is the sign that is closest to the idea of ‘Living From/As Spirit’.

What the novile does is indicate that these two processes are intersecting with one another at a subtle level. It is important for us to see this connection, and to know, that it will undoubtedly shape the way both energies are received and manifested in our lives.

The work we do now on raising our Awareness will help us heal those painful Soul Wounds. The work we do now on healing those wounds will facilitate the growth/deepening of our level of consciousness and the width of our perception.
Whist these two processes are – if you sit down and think about it – logically linked in any case – the novile indicates that the fruit that both the soil & seed can give rise to – if cultivated at this time – is a fertile one indeed.

The converse also applies. Avoiding either of these processes at this time … might not be the wisest approach. You might not like the fruit that these energies culminate as, in time.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: NRCSGA01001 – Georgia (1855)(NRCS Photo Gallery).jpg – Dot Paul / Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service., via Wikimedia Commons

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