Blessings everyone, there’s a powerful Grand Earth Trine in the skies right now! Earth Trines represent powerful opportunities to manifest in the material realm. Earth energy is tangible, physical, and extends to all that we can interact with in three-dimensional space. We connect to this energy via deities or archetypes such as Gaia-Sophia, the Earth Mother, Bhuma Devi, and so on. I would be curious to know of your experiences if you connect with the Earth element through the conduit of the Masculine – so feel free to share.

In the skies, the Taurus Moon asks us to examine our subconscious belief systems and emotional attachments to ideas of ownership and sensations of pleasure in the material world. We can neither afford to elevate the spiritual at the cost of the material or vice versa – once we realize that matter is the outward manifestation of – or an expression of – Spirit. The two are linked just as the light and the heat of a flame. Inseparable. The Taurus Moon asks us to find a position of Balance, wherein we can engage in the material world without seeking to own, or become owned by any aspect of it. Material incarnation is a transient phase of your spiritual evolution yes, but nonetheless, an important experience.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, challenged now by her opposition to Neptune in Pisces, asks us to recognize the Rise of the Dark Feminine Principle. Darkness here does not refer to negativity, but rather that which has been repressed, suppressed or forcibly hidden or unacknowledged. In Virgo, the Feminine Rises into her role as a Spiritual Facilitator or Spiritual Servant. She is challenged here to walk her Path of Service irrespective of projections traditionally associated with Virgo: neuroticism, frigidity, subservience and so on. Nothing could be further from the truth when you consider the independence, sexuality and knowledge of the Vestal Virgins who (in one narrative) inspired the Virgo archetype. The energy of Virgo ultimately asks us to realize that the material Path of Service that we do is encoded/entwined with Spirit. She reminds us to fill our cups first before we fill another’s – as you cannot give if you own cup is empty.

Ceres, the Goddess Asteroid of Nurture, asks us about how we best give and receive nurture. She shows us the kind of caregiving which works best for us in order to help us grow into the goals or experiences which our Souls seek to re-discover – and how we can do the same for others (where appropriate). In Capricorn, Ceres asks us to examine our understanding of what material legacies we come to leave in this world. Be it a career, a life purpose, your children, an internal shift, a life lived with a minimal carbon footprint – however you define it – Capricorn wants to know what material consequences the sum of your life will bring once you have eventually left this physical realm. Try to imagine the kind of legacy you want to leave, in whatever way you define the term. The question to ask is this: Once you have departed from this current material cycle of incarnation,

Will future generations have to bear the burden of your choices, or be freed by them?

To re-iterate: Taurus is more concerned with the immediate, sensorial, personal experience of materiality, whereas Virgo begins to shift towards a sense of facilitating a larger group (with the needs of the self met first). Capricorn on the other hand, culminates the material-Earth sign triad by asking how the sum of individual actions influences the material experiences of the (future) collective.

The Grand Earth Trine encourages us to explore these energies and to manifest a material reality in greater alignment with one’s ongoing spiritual evolution, and the needs of the collective.

This alignment is actually a Kite – focused by an opposition between Black Moon Lilith and Neptune (conjunct Venus, Mars and Chiron as part of stellium in Pisces). Reconciling the relationship between Matter and Spirit appears to be a key focus in this alignment – as is the relationship between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. Those with placements at or near 6-9 Cancer AND 6-9 Scorpio will experience this as a Grand Sextile.

To conclude:

There is utterly nothing shameful, sinful or taboo about Matter. We wouldn’t have manifested as Spirit-seeking-to-experience-Matter otherwise. What tends to be the problem is when matter is elevated above spirit, or spirit above matter. Either imbalance has its own set of repercussions. Feel free to explore this idea and see how it sits with your own understandings – as ultimately, it is your Truth that guides You.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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12 thoughts on “GRAND EARTH TRINE (+ KITE): TAURUS MOON, BLACK MOON LILITH (6 VIRGO), CERES (7 CAPRICORN) [7:06 am – 5:48 pm, Jan 27th 2015 GMT + 8]

  1. Spot on dear One.
    My Rising Virgo.. Is dredging all kinds of repressed material.. To contemplate.. Dance through ( literally and figuratively)..bring to surface to Bless and Let Go .
    Blessings and Gratitude

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  2. Wow…

    This information was remarkably precise clear and perfect in its timing….

    I can so clearly see how much of the world as well as my own circle of people is struggling with it all….

    Thank U so much for taking the time to post and explain the energy forces at work. It helps immensly.

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  3. Wow I keep following your posts and they keep relating to my natal chart and topics that are unfolding currently in my life! Today’s blog again! I love synchronicity! Glad to have connection. Bless you.

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  4. thank you for this valuable information Dear. confused which direction to go. There is the spiritual matter, when I discovered my gift of healing and now my intuition and other way of being, while my business side was not at all developed, causing to loose all the finances (what a joke 😉 …. Yes you are right, balance must come in ….. together with the right people. Not so familiar with the astrology yet …

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