Leo Full Moon 2015

Blessings to all! This Leo Full Moon represents the culmination of seeds (intentions) set during last’s year Leo New Moon, specifically between July 24-30 2014. Jupiter, Eris, the Nodes and other powerful astrological bodies, including a Massive Yod, were strongly at play during that New Moon and are being revisited at this time. See http://wp.me/p4OUNS-1qfor my article from then. We had a life-altering Yod present at that time – whose energies are revisited now (details below).

During this Full Moon, we have a Yod, a Near-Grand Sextile, an intense Nodal T-Square, a Sun-Moon opposition (forming the backbone of the Yod) and a powerful connection with the Grand Attractor in the skies. I’ll skim through each aspect.

Full Moon – Sun opposed Moon (conjunct Juno Rx and Jupiter Rx) – The opposition brings into full focus the energy of Leo: The Child, The Performer, The Lover, The Leader. Our Heart and Sacral Chakras are particularly charged by this activation, intensified by the Moon’s conjunction with Juno (as I see her – the Gateway to the energies of the Divine Feminine and/or Soulmate energy) and Jupiter (the Bringer of Abundance, the Opener of Pathways). As both Juno and Jupiter are in Retrograde, their energies act either exclusively at the internal level and/or appear in very hard to predict ways. They can also refer to persons whom you have previously had some kind of interaction with, either in this lifetime or past ones.

It can be a powerful energy that makes you push through and intensify your ability to self-love, sometimes coming through the teachings of another.

Yod – Pluto/Ceres sextiles Neptune/Venus/Chiron/Mars, both inconjunct the Full Moon/Jupiter Rx /Juno Rx

The Yod intensifies the energy of the Sun-Moon/Jupiter Rx/Juno Rx opposition. It acts as a powerful funnel that amplifies and focuses all this energy on the Full Moon itself. Pluto/Ceres in Capricorn make us question the way we nurture ourselves and others, particularly in matters to do with the kind of material legacy we with to leave behind in this world. You can take that to mean your career, your environmental footprint, a building with your name on it, your children – depends on how you look at it. Pluto asks you to transform the very basis of what you consider a ‘stable’ legacy to be, and the ways that one can be nurtured to manifest that legacy. Older ideas about power, authority and structure are radically being transformed at this time as Ceres finds new ways to guide us towards a new (collective) understanding of legacy.

Venus/Mars/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces focus on transforming the way we both desire and love, in fundamental ways. There is a great deal of loving detachment that is called for at this time, though this powerful stellium. For more info see – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-j2

With these two powerful impulses inconjucting the Full Moon + Jupiter Rx + Juno Rx as the apex of the Yod, we are confronted with an intense, insistent karmic dynamic that calls us to make a critical decision. This represents a make-it-or-go-back-and-learn-it-again moment in our spiritual understanding. We are called to go deeper and discover the love that lies beneath our vulnerabilities, our wounds, our histories and to bring it back to our waking consciousness, and in the way we perceive ourselves.

Yods can be painful, so do not be surprised if a part of your journey requires some uncomfortable, introspective work. Some of you will, of course, sail through this. Personally, I’ve felt the energy of this yod building for weeks now – and it will be present for the rest of February as well. That is discussed in my review of Feb’s astrology (link to follow soon).

Pluto/Ceres is of course squaring Uranus / South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra. That’s been going on for a while. Those with placements at or near 10-14 Cancer will feel this as an intense Grand Cardinal Nodal Cross.

The Near-Grand Sextile is in effect, making this a very potent time for manifestation and the anchoring of new energies. Due to the position of asteroid Chaos, we will – to some extent – be experiencing this as a complete Grand Sextile. Those will placements at or near 14 Gemini will complete the Sextile in their charts.

Finally – I’ve saved the best for last – The Sun is sextiled the Great Attractor (conjunct Pallas Athena at 13 Sagittarius). What we do now in the development of our individual gifts, our sense of uniqueness, or ability and courage to dream and manifest those dreams will be of great significance at this time. The Great Attractor quite literally attracts energy to way you embody your Truth and the Dreams that come along with it. This can work either way (positive or negative attention), so act with strategy (courtesy of Pallas Athena). Not the best day to see the world in either/or (black/white) terms.

Those with placements at or near 14 Cancer will experience this energy as a Phenomenal Yod. Act wisely, to the best of your ability.

Much Love to All 🙂 and Many Blessings,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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