Month Long Yod

Blessings to all. We will all be experiencing a month-long Finger of Fate/Karma/Destiny with a powerful Yod formed between Pluto/Ceres in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces and (apexing at) Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. Yods do not normally last this long, and so this is a fairly unusual alignment – and one that is woven into our preparations for the final Uranus-Pluto square.

This yod revisits key moments, decisions and experiences that occurred between September 11-20, 2014. Clues of what you are/will be experiencing now were woven back then.

Yods are, quite literally, cosmic fingers that ‘point’ to an apex position. They are often experienced as a sensation of crisis, intensity and an urge towards resolution of some kind. At the apex of the yod, we usually find ourselves at karmic crossroads which require key decisions to be made. Our decisions then affect the pace, nature and level of vibration that we encounter in our spiritual journeys.

Let’s look at the key players:

Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn: Pluto tells us to transform, break-down/break-through our preconceptions of what constitutes ‘success’, ‘achievement’, and a sense of ‘legacy’ in this material, 3-D plane of existence. We are asked to rethink the contribution we make as spirit-in-physical-form during the duration of our physical incarnations and what ramifications we leave behind for future generations. Will they be inspired or inhibited by the choices we now make? Simultaneously, we also see a generational shifting in cultures and values oriented towards materialistic standards of success, and achievement. This extends to the way we think about the institutions of authority and power that have traditionally defined these values for us – to a great degree. Ceres conjuncting Pluto adds the element of nurture to this alignment, allowing us to find these answers within ourselves as we forge a legacy we can look back upon without regret. We may also find the capacity to nurture others to do the same. The energies of Capricorn are also linked with the Wisdom of the Dark Crones – Goddess Hekate, Goddess Dhumavati, The Callieach, and so on.

Chiron in Pisces – Chiron opens the deepest wounds of the Soul for healing. In time, we are asked to shift from a ‘victim consciousness’ to a Co-Creative awareness of the realities we experience. We may even learn so much in the process of healing ourselves that we may become teachers for others struggling with the same wound. A note of caution must be said here: Healing others is a wonderful thing, but be sure you are in the right place to do so. Trying to stitch up another’s wound whilst your own is open defeats the purpose of the whole thing. In Pisces, Chiron’s energy is focused upon the wounds we have carried from former incarnations, particularly concerning with our connection with Spirit. Here is a time where many may feel their connection with Source tested, either through a sense of total disconnection, being mired in illusion, a feeling of disintegration and so on. Through these trials, Pisces holds the keys to Transcendence and the fine balance that is Loving, Compassionate Detachment – with the awareness that We Are All Powerfully Connected. I associate this energy with spiritual beings such as The Christ and Lord Shiva.

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo – Jupiter’s energies show the way to connect with our Teachers, Guides, Mentors – whatever/whomever holds open the door that leads to your Spiritual Path. It also rules the belief systems and cognitive value systems that you cherish and believe to be true. In Leo, Jupiter’s energies show us that the Path we are now called to tread calls upon the gifts and healing of both the Heart and Sacral Chakra. We are called to remember the connection between the two, in matters of Love, Joy, Romance, Childlike Innocence, Creativity, Sensuality/Sexuality and so on. We may find Teachers who remind us of the time we were all Wise Children, or may simply mean that you discover that the Child within you is waiting to guide you. In other words, You Are Your Own Guide. In Retrograde, these energies are likely to arise from and be situated within your own psyche. You may also find certain teachings to come your way through the back-door – when you least expect them to. I find that the energy of Leo facilitates a connection with fierce. loving, protective and powerful Lion/Tiger/Cat/Feline Energies such as Lady Bast, Lady Sekhmet, Lady Durga, Goddess Narasimhi, Goddess Prathyangira and others.

Distilling all of the above – Pluto/Ceres calls you to transform and nurture self-and-other in the way you live your material life and its legacy; Chiron asks you to be open to acknowledging, healing, and transcending your Soul’s wounds, especially in the way you connect with Spirit; Jupiter Retrograde points us to the Path of Guidance through which we continue the Spiritual Journey we are on.

This is a powerful yod which helps us realize and make key decisions about what we have come to do in this world, how, and why. We can no longer afford to ignore the interconnectedness of Spirit and Matter, and how the two relate through a Co-Creative relationship all of us uniquely share with The Divine.

You may also find answers, situations or teachings coming strongly through those who guide you, your children, or even through the creative process. This is a powerful time to guide yourselves as you explore your own creative gifts.

The Month-Long Yod formed at 1:42 pm February 8 and will last until 7:04 am March 9, 2015 (GMT + 8).

I noticed that at the very start, and very end of this alignment, we also experience a yod between Moon/North Node in Libra – Jupiter – apexing Chiron on Feb 8th and March 9th (which also has a Sun/Chiron conjunction). These other yods are short-lived in comparison, but their timing is very significant.

Their presence during the very start and ending of the Month Yod Long tells me that the work we do now is substantially connected to the Uranus/South Node – Pluto – North Node T-Square. Bear in mind that the final exact square of Uranus and Pluto takes place on March 17, 2015.

In other words – We now make preparations for the final Uranus-Pluto square, through the choices we make as part of this Month-Long Yod’s energy.

A Final Note – At 12:51 pm Feb 9th (today), Venus conjuncted Chiron at 15 Pisces ’38. Venus’ influence in this alignment will continue until February 15. You may experience this as a powerful impulse to either detach from, or deepen yourself in a particular relationship (romantic or professional). Sometimes you may need to find a way to simply do both – i.e. to deeply, love, unconditionally.

All in all, this Month-Long Yod is a powerful and deeply significant alignment. I look forward to what we individually and collectively choose to co-create with the Divine. And we shall see what reality we birth after the final Uranus-Pluto square goes exact.

Blessings to All of You,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


  1. Wow.
    September 11-20,2014. Those ‘trigger dates’ Are when this current ‘phase’ began for me as I await now the outcome…

    You really shocked me when you listed those particular dates and I thank you for doing so.

    The past 2 weeks have been very challenging and feel as if we are all walking around with blindfolds on.

    It has karma written all over it…


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