Whilst our Spirits are eternal, the Bodies that house them still undergo key maturation processes. And as our bodies mature, our ability to process, interpret and integrate spiritual (in fact, any) information changes. This is not to make a case for wisdom that comes with age (there are plenty of ‘wise young ones’ and ‘old ones who don’t quite get it’) – but to say that we change so profoundly through our biological life-cycles – and we need to honor those changes.

I find that the Soul Portrait Sessions I offer are best suited for those who have already spent a little time on their own path. Part of that comes down to age, the other part experience. Biologically speaking, the brain significantly re-wires itself when we are in our mid-20s, and for women, it is at this time that our cycles actually begin to stabilize.

The kind of work that I do allows you to see new pathways and possibilities in your lives. And for those who have remained stuck for a long while, can be a tremendous wake-up call to find your Journey once more. The full Soul Session, for most people, is something that you only need ONCE in your lifetime. So time it well and follow your deepest instincts as to when you should book.

Another reason why age comes into a consideration of whether I take up a reading is because – all of our Journeys – are made up of the sum of our decisions, our good calls, and our mistakes. Interfering with that process prematurely has its own consequences.

Astrology has the notorious reputation for being a prescriptive and fixed, telling you that ‘this is your life, and that’s all you are’. It’s especially dangerous when you introduce that idea to one who is still at the very start of that process of discovery – rejecting that truth entirely (as the rebel) is just as bad as robotically following it (as one who conforms). Which is why I often turn down clients who want me to basically tell them how to live, irrespective of age.

Don’t be afraid to leap or explore new territory, it’s part of your own growth process. And sometimes the mixture of anxiety, nervousness and fear of exploring new territory is a powerful motivator that keeps us connected to ourselves and our deepest emotions! It’s something that celebrates the human gift that you are, rather than taking away anything from the experience.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

For more on the Soul Portrait Session:

Image: Generations (14507310048).jpg – By Christopher Michel from San Francisco, USA (Generations) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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