A brief video describing the energetics of this alignment + practical suggestions for those in search of some guidance. It’s a very, very, intense energy as part of an intersecting Double-Yod alignment and forms conjunctions with other bodies that strongly stress the need to differentiate between our transcendental spiritual experiences and illusions. It’s a day where many will come face to face with the Totality of their own Being, and whilst some will enjoy it, others will find it too much to bear. A day to be gentle to all, including the self and to take nothing personally. Generally good advice, but especially so today. Exact Alignment: 17 Pisces at 12:20 GMT/UTC + 8 , March 8th 2015. Also – Happy Women’s Day to all, and Happy Belated Holi!


  1. Reblogged this on Heart Shaped Eyes and commented:
    A wonderfully insightful video For those of you who have been using or would like to use the current astrological energies (In this case, tomorrows Sun-Chiron conjunction) to assist in healing. Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam gives a thorough interpretation of the energies. I always find her information helpful.
    March is a huge month energetically. Huge.

    Because of where this conjunction touches my chart (in particular, one area in which I know there is much healing yet to be) I am led to take a personal retreat day tomorrow to work with these energies and have scheduled accordingly. I will be offline (all social media, including email, most texts and Facebook, my friends) and unavailable except to myself 🙂 as I am quite sure already that I am likely to go “Martian” should my boundaries be crossed.
    Much love to all,
    Heart Shaped Eyes

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  2. I found this very encouraging.
    My birthday yesterday leaves me at the age of 55 and u find myself opening motivations and desires long awaited. Music, art and counsel are opening my next life.

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

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  3. Dear Dr Bai, Last night my husband who is a light
    Facilitator came home looking quite grey, & depressed… I actually felt he had lost some of his life force, even our dog barking when he came to the door, so unusual he had visited a crippled friend, whom he had hoped to heal. As my husband walked I was listening to your video in which you you said..
    The light of awareness, hits the wounded warrior,
    your words of wisdom, were so right on…
    We are truly astounded! thank you for you guidance once again

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  4. So dissapointed as i cant hear the video(not working) you put on about Chiron ,as i know i have this in my chart strongly, it was said March was a HUGE month ,it always is for me as my Dad passed March 7th,1987,cremated 17th, his birthday was March 27th,very wise respected man,not my biological ,but i still remember his respectful wise guidance.Thank-you though B.B. as always.Any chance of a print out of what you said at all.??xxx

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