It’s certainly been a very interesting energy for me. Things just seemed to calm down. Moving at a snail’s pace at the heart of the storm 🙂 To top that off I’ve been wearing high-energy stones and things have just been… tranquil. Like a Zen Garden where everything is flowing and active, and somehow very smooth and still. Things are pretty calm here at home as well.

I sent off the first recording for my show Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, due to air tomorrow. Took a few tries, but it started to flow well. Just signed the broadcasting agreements and other paperwork, which was an interesting experience in itself. I still have to prepare the session for the 1st show of The Dark Mother’s Children, get the logo made, build the website, etc.

It just feels like I’m going with Faith. Faith in myself, and right now – that’s all I seem to need. I’m not looking for validation just .. doing, being, and knowing that I’m putting my best foot forward. But in a pretty measured, calm, sort of way.

Been taking better care of my body, drinking lots of warm water and trying to get a decent sleeping pattern in place 🙂

So all in all, the shift has been okay. The days preceding were a little tougher – a test of faith in the Self and its choices, and a lot releasing from the past. Hearing about Terry Pratchett’s death really kick-started some of that process for me. He is my favourite author, alongside Isaac Asimov and Neil Gaiman – and his words made me feel at home with my magic.

I look forward to seeing what comes next. Have surveyed the astrology of the coming days – and there’s plenty of reasons why this Eclipse/Supermoon/Equinox phase is actually … a lot more special than we realize. 🙂

The skies are supporting the manifestation of your dreams, the most powerful gifts of your imagination and passion. It’s a time where you can really Dare to Dream .. and Make it Happen.

A very magical time, and one in which you manifest exactly what you desire. So.. have a look at what you’re choosing to manifest 😉

I’ll write more soon – on the final aspect of this shift.

But for now,

Goodnight 🙂

Priestess B. Bairavee ;

Image: Snail on a leaf.jpg – By Mauro Terzi (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

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