Today (Tuesday 5/5/15), at 4 pm Central US / Chicago Time, a very special, very unique 2 hour back-to-back double episode of The Dark Mother’s Children will air on WGT Radio!

This week The Dark Mother’s Children discusses the archetypes of Darkness, and specifically of Dark Goddesses within superhero, animated, television and cinematic genres. We’ll also spend a little time discussing the mythology of Batman as a symbol of Darkness and its role in what is called ‘the hero’s journey’, linked with older mythological and religious figures like Persephone, Goddess Inanna, Psyche and others. We talk about the ways that ‘Dark Women’ get pigeonholed as vixens, seductresses, ‘bad’ girls, nightmares, elemental forces, and combinations thereof – and plot the course for re-imagining female characters that are Dark and Powerful, Dark and Beautiful, Dark and Nurturing, Dark and Compassionate – Detached – Primordial – Ancient and Elemental – breaking out of that mold and stereotype completely.

We’re going to be looking at figures like Maleficent, The Dark Phoenix, Storm, Catwoman, Joss Wheedon’s Zoe (from Serenity), Katniss Everdeen and others as they teach us about how we see feminine manifestations of Darkness. It’s going to be a fun, fun, ride in this 2-hour special on The Dark Mother’s Children here on WGTR. Join me your host, Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD and my our special guest Ash Mohanna (Ashoka ‘Ash’ Mohannan) between 4-6 pm Central US/ Chicago time this Tuesday a boundary blurring examination of Dark Feminine archetypes within the mythological, religious, comic and cinematic multi-verses.

The first hour (4-5 pm) focuses more upon the Batman mythology and introduces the Descent into Darkness. The second hour (5-6 pm) delves further into the specifically feminine manifestations/depictions of this journey and critiques/explores the story arcs that then come into being. We spend quite a bit of time deconstructing and savouring the unconventional character development and story arc of Maleficent.

Enjoy! Catch it live at !

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