Blessings to all. Within the next 4 hours, we will see a intense opposition made between The Sun (1 Gemini) and Saturn Retrograde (1 Sagittarius). This follows up from a powerful Venus-Pluto Retrograde Opposition (Part 1 – ) that challenged our sense of relationships, authority, balance of power, sensuality, sexuality and femininity. This opposition, however, is a very different kettle of fish.

The Sun, now in Gemini, brings the focus of our vital energies, our waking consciousness to the Mind. The landscape of ideas, thoughts, perceptions, mental conditioning, and so on. This terrain was forged years ago, in your early childhood (in a material sense), and arguably earlier, from a spiritual perspective. Gemini also involves the energy of siblings, and the early childhood environment in which the Self began to understand itself as differentiated from its environment, during with the nascent ‘I’ (individuated consciousness) began to emerge. As a feature of that emergence, Gemini is also focused upon language, communication, the ability to analyze, present, perceive and represent the self and its ideas in the context of the immediate environment it is part of.

Saturn Retrograde, on the other hand, is making us revisit the lessons and challenges presented by the karmic taskmaster. In Sagittarius, Saturn questions the way in which you think about, embody and walk the Path. It deals with the big ideas and questions, the philosophies, the belief systems and ideologies that underpin the passionate commitment you have to a particular way of seeing the world and finding your place within it. You may find challenges from/to your authority emanating from the Saturn position as it seeks to test your knowledge and mastery of the ideology you believe in, preach and are possibly seen as a master/teacher of. (And yes, even the belief that one does not need a belief .. still counts as one).

This part of life also deals with foreign travel, a sense of adventure, anything that allows you to explore and widen your horizons, including long-distance travel, passport, immigration and visa matters.

When the Sun opposes Saturn, what we see is a traditional clash between the self and authority (a representation of a the societal super-ego). The Sun in Gemini is seeking to discover itself through ideas unknown, whereas Saturn insists upon the wisdom has already received the stamp of social approval.

This can manifest in a multitude of ways, depending upon where both bodies are in your chart. For instance, you can find this at work – with an authority figure, or with a teacher/mentor/guru/guide-type person in your life. If it is your authority that is being tested, you might find a challenge to your mastery of knowledge through another person, possibly one less certain of your ideas.

Bear in mind though, that Saturn is in Retrograde, and so the heavy hand of authority you feel may stem entirely from you perception of it, as opposed to any real action on another’s part. It can well be a real provocation, but equally a perceived one.

You can deal with the Sun-Saturn opposition in a multitude of ways, depending on which role you’re playing – student or teacher?

Generally speaking, if you’re being seen as the authority in the dynamic, step down a peg. Be humble. Know that your words carry a weight you might not even be aware of. Open yourself to the possibility that you might not have the whole and complete picture, no matter how strongly passionate you are about your beliefs. Keep it open and allow the other person to have their say. They may be right, or wrong, but there’s no reason to browbeat them into submission.

If you’re the junior in the dance, the uncertain, emergent perhaps even whimsical or flighty seeker of knowledge/truth/ideas dancing on ten things like a butterfly on acid in a flower garden (don’t ask me where that metaphor came from) – then it might be time to consider your words. Consider the way you speak to others and the power that your communication has unto them. Consider that you may be questioning something that to another person, is intrinsically sacred, valuable, or the best thing since pizza. Once you’ve made that judgment call, then perhaps raising those questions is one of the best things that you can do – but just be aware that the Saturn-player can respond with a brute force that you might not expect, and even feel as wholly unjustified.

I feel that the Gemini-side of things is somewhat more likely to burst forth with something perceived to be inappropriate or challenging to Saturn’s authority owing to the Mercury Retrograde in its home sign of Gemini.

A further focus of this energy can be concentrated upon a sibling. Be wary about the ways in which they speak to you, and you to them today. The voices of those we hold nearest and dearest to us carry a certain weight and power. Sometimes that’s a great thing, and at other things … it can be devastating.

For those of you who do astrology, or are seeking readings on this date, it’s important for you to find a reader who has the authority and mastery of the craft and subject, but also has the humility to take your views into account and double-check where need be.

In terms of other aspects, the Sun is conjunct Icarus (2 Gemini), bringing to the dynamic the sense of fear the comes when you fly too high, go too far – suddenly realizing the fall that awaits if you slip up. In mythology, Icarus is the sun of the inventor Daedalus. They’re both trapped on an island and Daedalus crafts two pairs of wings using the feathers of birds scattered all over the beach, binding them with wax and twine/rope. He cautions his son not to fly too high, getting close to the Sun, as it can then melt the wax. Icarus is entranced by the sun and the sensation of flying and goes higher and higher, only to have the wax melt. The feathers are no longer bound together and he plummets to his death in the ocean.,

Icarus can also lead to a certain type of recklessness in others, heading towards states and places that can be ultimately damaging and unnecessarily hurtful. It’s a fairly young, impetuous energy that can manifest differently for people, but it makes it more likely for the Gemini to provoke Saturn’s stern reproach.

The Sun is also trined M87 (1 Libra) or the Super-Galactic Center of the Lanikea Supercluster, of which the Milky Way is (and therefore we are) a part of. At the center of this placement is a Supermassive Black Hole, drawing unto itself all in its vicinity. Saturn sextiles this placement.

Whenever the Super-Galactic Center is involved, we basically feel pulled or drawn to situations that ultimately require us to discover or find a sense of balance, or dynamic equilibrium – particularly in matters of collaboration or partnership, be it as business or work. Your partner may be a catalyst in the unfolding of the Sun-Saturn dynamic. It is possible that some aspect of your partnership/collaboration can harmonize the opposition.

In fact, with M87, what we get is a Wedge aspect – an opposition connected together to a third body, by way of a trine and a sextile aspect. It symbolizes the ability to merge energies easily, using the pivotal point of the Wedge (The Super Galactic Center) as one’s point of focus. So in other words, draw upon the wisdom of Libra to look at the Sun-Saturn opposition from a different level of consciousness to find balanced solutions to the situation(s) that may arise. Those with placements at or near 1 Taurus will experience this as a profound Yod or Finger of Fate/Karma/God/Goddess/Destiny.

In short, there is a deeper sense of order, justice and balance woven into the heart of the Cosmos itself, and that wisdom, attainable only through the acceptance and detached objectivity of Libra is what we are called upon to re-discover through this intense Sun-Saturn opposition. The views of the self, and the views of society – legitimated with the institution of authority – occupy certain spaces in the spectrum of all possible views – and these possibilities are what the Super-Galactic Center opens us up to. Bear in mind the caution of Icarus as he overextends his grasp, and the authoritarian weight that Saturn can then bear down upon him.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess

Image: A binary black hole.jpg – By ESO/L. Calçada ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.


  1. Thank you so much Bairavee for your wise and insightful posts. I have found them most helpful as they describe everything I am going through at the moment and are really giving me a perspective to deal with the challenges.I am very grateful and feel blessed to have discovered your site. I don’t do social media but wanted to let you know how important and effective your insights are to me.
    Kind regards

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