JUPITER & VENUS RETROGRADE SQUARE SATURN: If you’re going to build a Fairytale Castle in the Sky, you’ve got to start with the Foundations …

Mikalojus_Konstantinas_Ciurlionis_-_FAIRY_TALE_(CASTLE_FAIRY_TALE)_-_1909 (4)

We’re climbing out of the Cave and the Dark recesses within that Saturn-in-Scorpio has challenged us to face head-on since 2012. Now, with the end of the Saturn Retrograde we begin to emerge slowly from the Depths, beginning to head for the Mountaintop. We’re going to have three years of Saturn in Sagittarius (beginning in mid-September 2015) showing us the Path or Road we take to eventually reach the Summit (Capricorn).

One way to read this Jupiter/Venus square to Saturn is to see it as the opportunity to align our energies with a new Vision or Path that isn’t just about tests and responsibilities anymore. We have the chance now to re-imagine a path, paradigm or life-philosophy that requires our dedication and commitment, but which also engages our capacity to feel joy, to love, to celebrate, and dance like a happy child in the Heart of the Sun (Leo).

Let’s see how that unfolds by looking at each piece of this alignment.

Jupiter (28 Leo) asks us to look to the areas of our lives which seek further expansion for greatest self-expression and self-understanding – and the path or direction that makes this possible. It relates to domains that expand the mind and give it a sense of place – philosophy, ideologies, belief systems, organized religion, travel and so on. Many will find their ways-of-viewing-the-world strongly influenced by the energies of/involving children, creative projects, romantic partnerships, sensual/sexual exploration and understanding the Wisdom of the Sacral Chakra (i.e. Leo energy). With Venus Retrograde (28 Leo) in the mix, you may strongly feel the need to find Beauty, Balance, Justice and Harmony in this new path you’re discovering for yourselves. Chances are it will also involve the sheer joy of physical embodiment, and the pleasure that we can feel through the five senses.

All of that sounds wonderful, but with it several challenges arise.

Jupiter has the tendency to amplify or even exaggerate what we’re feeling and desiring, which can lead to over-indulgence, excess and sheer hedonism. Even when questioned, some may justify how ‘good’ their actions make them feel – without thinking about long-term consequences. Consider how satisfied a self-righteous person might feel as they tear down another’s belief system – that’s one example of many.

You can ask yourselves the following questions, if you feel they help:

Is the Path you’re taking one that involves sensuality, pleasure and fun – and if so, is that a bad thing?

Are you giving into ego-based desires that fail to see the longer-term consequences of your actions?

Are you seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses – and if so, will that help you make better decisions?

Are you indulging in sensual excess and sheer hedonism – and if so, can you afford to do so at this time (in physical and energetic terms)?

Is your Path one that Honors the Sensuality of the Body, or seeks to Escape through it?

Ultimately, are you following a Path that feels Authentic to the Innermost Parts of Your Being?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself. And they present themselves with Saturn’s sobering influence in the skies. (But sobriety is a good thing – particularly if we let ourselves get too carried away by new and exciting ideas)

Saturn wants to know just _how_ are you going to manifest whatever grand plans pop into your head at this time. Are you wholly committed to them? What form will they take? What kind of structured negotiations or transactions of power and resources are required to manifest that vision? What authorities need to come on board to make it happen?… and so on..

For many, it will involve looking at legal statues, contracts, or any kind of existing transfer of funds and resources between yourself and another body/entity/institution of authority, etc. – be it the loan you pay off at a bank, settling alimony payments, or, paying tax to the government.

To follow up from the by-line of this piece – if you’re going to build a Fairy-Tale Castle in the Skies, Saturn asks you to make sure you have the right permits first, triple-stamped by the respective administrative unit of your nearby magical kingdom 😉

The warning of Saturn is to ensure that you are truly committed to investing the time, energy and resources to whatever grander idea or exploration that inspires you today – and if you’re willing to create the right kind of discipline, boundary or limitations required to put it into practice (e.g. developing the discipline to save up bit by bit for a holiday by cutting down on luxury items, etc.).

The worst thing you could do is to ignore the direction or path that your passion asks you to follow, for fear of it being ‘too grand’. If you’re afraid of growing at this time – ask yourself – Why?

Do you believe you have the resources you need – if not, where can you find it from?

Is the road you want to take truly authentic – how do you tell?

Are you afraid of ‘having fun’ or ‘taking pleasure’ in what you do – do you have issues of guilt surrounding your ability to let your hair down, kick off your sandals, and play?

Are you fearing that the road might take you someplace silly, frivolous – and is that really a bad thing?

Answers to these questions, as with Scorpio, are always within – however, Jupiter’s presence does indicate the lessons of a mentor / teacher / astrologer who can also facilitate your ability to see ‘the larger picture’. In Leo (with Venus), you may find a child or romantic partner equally helpful in pointing the way through.

Taking it all together, in its best form, this energy can help you find a broader vision or perspective (be it through higher education, religion, spiritual teachings, travels, a mentor) which you feel joyful and passionate about . Saturn comes in to test our resolve, ensure that we honor our energetic debts and commitments and to help us find the structure or form through which our vision is best manifested. We may find resources we did not otherwise realize we had, as we heed Saturn’s challenge with discipline.

Those with placements near 28 Aquarius and/or Taurus will experience this as a Grand Fixed Cross / Fixed T-Square. Jupiter and Venus Retrograde are at 28 Leo, whilst Saturn is at 28 Scorpio.

Also bear in mind that we have a tonne of other exact aspects in the skies, heavily featuring the Goddess Asteroids (Sun trine Pallas Athena and Vesta; Vesta squared Pluto; Pallas Athena conjunct the Great Attractor; Vesta inconjunct Juno and so on … )

It’s a busy, busy sky!

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis – Fairy Tale Castle – 1909.jpg, public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Text & Content © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “JUPITER & VENUS RETROGRADE SQUARE SATURN: If you’re going to build a Fairytale Castle in the Sky, you’ve got to start with the Foundations …

  1. You are just *the* best. I know I’ve repeated myself three times in the past week since I’ve found you, however, what you ask us to consider is perfectly put, as is how you put what the stars ask of you to tell us. Aces! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  2. Thank you for your wisdom. I would love for you to analyze my astrology chart. Please let me know if this is possible.


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