I had a lovely interview with Déva She this morning, Founder of Tigress Yoga. In it we began with a discussion as to why I do not use Vedic astrology in my work, and, despite my cultural origins, use the Western/Tropical system. To be fair – I’ve seen wonderful work, and equally damaging work done in both constructs, so neither is exempt.

As a general rule, I take issue with astrology readings that tell you that the gods are responsible for your fate and if you do a ritual at a temple, your life will be okay. Or even readings that put fear into a person on the basis of superstition, clichés and and culturally simplified re-readings of energy.

I’ve seen readings that tell you stuff like – if you’ve got a Scorpio Ascendant, you’re sex crazed, or if you’ve got Pluto on the Descendant, your partners are jealous enemies … (Saturn/Pluto tend to get the brunt of it). Don’t get me started on how Black Moon Lilith or the 12th house is seen/read in the chart, aiyeee!

The Feminine and The ‘Shadow’ planets/bodies/placements tend to be interpreted in the most narrow ways possible, ridden with patriarchal subtexts stemming from a deep fear of the Dark Womb and its Mystery.

As a result of that misreading/disinclination to de-construct – I’ve seen people who have been scarred psychologically from astrological readings- irrespective of which system they use.

…………It’s just cliché, after cliché, after cliché……

And what does that achieve?

Understanding? Love? Compassion?

None of the above. Just Fear.

And a crippled sense of self, given how much they believe the reading.

And a pretty bad rep for the field …

To those of your considering readings – If an astrologer cannot give you information without damaging your sense of self-esteem, change the astrologer.

But bear in mind that challenging the constructs of the Ego-Mind is a very different thing from attacking a person’s self-esteem…. the former I applaud, the latter I’d advise you to stay away from.

Conversely, if your astrologer’s intent is to give you a feel-good, hand-holding type of reading that makes you walk away feeling like you’re wrapped in cotton candy – well – it might be a great ego boost, but I’m not sure what it’ll do for you spiritually.

I find that the best readings either challenge, or at an intuitive level, confirm what you feel (sometimes both). And at times, a good reading can truly push you into a new level of awakening.

But to the question of – which system is right, ultimately –

I honestly do not have an answer for that.

It’s like asking who the best artist in the world is – A highly subjective and intensely personal question.

I take comfort in knowing that other gifted astrologers find merit in other systems. This afternoon I read a piece by Cycles of Healing/Zuzanna Vee…/musings-on-astrology-ch…/ – on how and why she, after decades of working with the tropical system – decided to go sidereal.

Sidereal astrology is the most popular alternative to tropical astrology. There’s also a newer approach called ‘Real Sky Astrology’ – and all three have different takes on the skies.

Let’s not forget the legendary Mayan astrologers/astronomers with their mathematically satisfying 28-day, 13-moon yearly calendar. It’s certainly something that I’d like to look further into this lifetime.

As for me, Tropical astrology seems to resonate best with me (after years of readings with the Vedic system) – and it also seems to sit right with the people who connect with my work. I’m open to allowing that to evolve into whatever it needs to 🙂  – might be fun to compare or combine multiple systems.

But for those of you asking yourselves which system or type of reading you should go for –


Look inside and see what resonates the most.

Blessings to all ❤ ❤ ❤

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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