The End of Venus’ Descent – Retrograde Ends (yay!)


It’s a time to Reconnect with You, Others, Loved Ones, Children, The Sun, anything and anyone that moves in resonance with the Self that remains. We’ve been in a particularly powerful ‘descent’ phase with Venus in Retrograde. Many things have been burnt, processed, turned to dust, released with Love – and others have survived the test of fire and begun to glow even more brightly!

Many of us – are in re-birthing phases now – emerging out of the cocoon as it were

Be slow, be gentle – take your time to fully ‘wake-up’ from the process.

Even Lions need a little bit of a warm-up before they Roar 😉

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: USMC-091024-M-0902C-005.JPG, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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