Grand Cardinal Cross 7 9 2015 for website

Vesta Retrograde (10 Aries), Mercury (11 Libra), Pluto Retrograde (13 Capricorn) and The Moon ‘s transit through Cancer (4-18 degrees) square-off in an intense Grand Cardinal Cross alignment. GCC-s are fairly intense alignments, ones which often precipitate the destruction of something old and/or the birth of something new.

It feels like a ‘push’ in may ways – you can think of it as the way an artist pushes themselves to the brink, working day and night – the mother breathing deeply as she brings new life into the world – the straw that breaks the camel’s back as a tiny comment or nudge makes a person absolutely explode in rage and frustration. In a balanced form, it’s the kind of push that turns into a healthy drive to create something new, powerful and stable with ingredients that otherwise appear to be in continual, chaotic, conflict.

This particular alignment involves Cardinal energies, meaning that it calls for decisive, significant changes in key aspects of our lives.

The Moon in Cancer brings to a crescendo our emotions, intuitive drives and subconscious associations concerning the Mother, home, family, domestic sphere – and whatever forms of collective identities from which our individual identities emerge (e.g. traditional beliefs, ethnic identities, etc.).

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn opposes the Cancer Moon, bringing its intense, heavy, transformative energies to bring about change in how we understand ideas of ‘success’, ‘legacy’, ‘power’, ‘authority’ and ‘control’. This might manifest as some kind of work/home imbalance. Bear in mind that the Sun (14 Virgo) is trined Pluto Retrograde, so much of our thoughts surrounding Pluto’s concerns also feed into our desire to be of Service whilst providing a material, practical basis for sustaining our everyday needs.

Mercury in Libra, preparing for its Retrograde, begins to slow down as we consider matters pertaining to wholeness, balance and partnerships. The energy of the Messenger asks us to consider the ways in which we relate with/to other people and other, less acknowledged, parts of ourselves. Watch the ways you think about or communicate on issues surrounding justice, fairness, relationship matters and the like.

Vesta Retrograde in Aries opposes Mercury-in-Libra, bringing the wisdom of the Priestess of Flame to the table. She asks us what notions of Self, Identity, and Ego-Mind we believe truly represent us, and then to cast them in the sacrificial fire. We are asked to surrender, and suspend judgement, about what we believe we are and to allow Spirit to complete its alchemical process. This may be triggered by perceived imbalances in the Libran (partnership) side of things, be it at home, or work. Remember that Vesta yearns to serve – but be sure that it’s Spirit that you’re working with, rather than the Ego of the Self 😉

You’ll be feeling the effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross till late on the 7th (US time zones) or the first half of the 8th of September 2015.

The Moon then goes onto trine Chiron Retrograde (19 Pisces) and square Uranus Retrograde (20 Aries). So, even when the GCC alignment is completed, we’ll still be working through a fairly vulnerable type of energy, one which ultimately asks us to burn through illusions and re-kindle a more authentic Fire within the Self.

In short – Its a time for greater sensitivity – on all fronts. You might just discover a new direction, a new path to walk on, a new way to see yourself and others through the process 😉

Love to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

PS – Spirituality, in whatever its form, ultimately aims to bring a deeper and more sustained vibration of Love on this planet. Whilst some of that comes about through internal realization, rituals and prayer-work, there is still an equal part of it that transpires through the material, physical, hands-on-in-the-soil way. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask all of you to strongly consider donating to, or in some other way physically, tangibly supporting the relief efforts taking place in Europe & the Middle East. We’re witnessing one of the largest humanitarian crises seen in recent years, with families and little children drowning in the sea, with no place to go. Here’s two links with many, many ways that you can make a physical contribution to the relief efforts –…/syria-crisis-how-you-can-help-… ;…/

I donated directly to the UNHCR at – feel free choose whichever method/organization/type of contribution is resonant with you . There are even options to buy basic necessities for the refugees through Amazon.

So – thank you for reading this message – 🙂

PPS – This is the 300th post on, which has now passed the 200,000 view mark since its founding in June 2014 – much love to all of you who have resonated with my work and saw fit to share it so extensively within your own networks. Much Love! ❤ ❤ ❤

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