Bridging our Spiritual Paths with our Physical Realities – A Call to Act!

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Spirituality, in whatever its form, ultimately aims to bring a deeper and more sustained vibration of Love on this planet. Whilst some of that comes about through internal realization, rituals and prayer-work, there is still an equal part of it that transpires through the material, physical, hands-on-in-the-soil way.

So what does one do about it? How does one person change the world?

By honoring their energetic commitments, by acting on what they believe in.

And, at present, whilst there’s a thousand crises, plagues, floods and famines going on in the world right now – there is one that I feel strongly requires our action and attention – the migrant refugee crisis.

We’re witnessing one of the largest humanitarian crises seen in recent years, with families and little children drowning in the sea, with no place to go. Here’s two links with many, many ways that you can make a physical contribution to the relief efforts , some of which are non-monetary –…/syria-crisis-how-you-can-help-donate-…

I donated directly to the UNHCR at – feel free choose whichever method/organization/type of contribution is resonant with you . There are even options to buy basic necessities for the refugees through Amazon.

If you’re not resonating with the need to act here, that’s fine. My suggestion is that you find a cause that moves you to act, something which your spiritual faith or beliefs asks you to act upon – and then act. Big, or small – think about ways you can make a tangible contribution to resolve some of the problems that exist in our world today.

Let us collectively move towards a spiritual path – that matches our actions with our energy, that bridges what we experience at a spiritual level in a physical form.

Dr, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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