RE-DEFINING RELATIONSHIPS: North Node/Juno/Super-Galactic Center Conjunction (0-1 Libra) sextiles Saturn (0 Sagittarius)

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Libra’s energy is one that asks us to take a step back and be objective in our dealings with others. It asks us to create a space in which we can co-exist with others without the need to make them bend to our will, or bend over to theirs. It’s one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac – as I see it – because it is the only sign that does not need to transform another in some way. Libra is also associated with a sense of justice, though, I doubt that it refers to a sense of ‘tit-for-tat’, but rather a deeper sense of how all things work together as equally sacred expressions of Source Energy – woven together into far more complex puzzle of being.
The North Node represents the direction in which the Soul is urged to grow further into as part of its Journey of Evolution. Juno, to me, represents the energy of the Divine Feminine and its ability open or awaken the soul, particularly through the ‘soul-mate’. This isn’t always a happy experience, but certainly a powerful one. The Super-Galactic Center represents, in astrology, the most potent connection we have to Source at this time and it exerts a fairly mysterious ‘pull’ towards certain people, relationships or ideas that lead to deeper understandings of Balance. All of this is occurring between 0-1 Libra (not forgetting Black Moon Lilith at 2 Libra).
So what do all these conjunctions in Libra challenge us to understand, or become?
Now’s a time in which we are asked to expand our definition of ‘partnership’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘balanced integration’. Whether it’s a marriage, or joint project between two parties, it’s a time in which we re-evaluate our role in relationships.
Are in in them for the right reasons? Are we with the right person/people? Are we (ourselves) the ‘right’ person? It really takes two to tango, and what we see mirrored in others, at some level, reflects some aspect of ourselves. And sometimes, rather than the other person changing – if you feel for the relationship enough – it might be you who has to change. Only you can decide if that’s right for you, or if you’ve done that for far too long already.
Whilst the North Node-Juno conjunction it itself represents a powerful opportunity for growth in these areas of life, particularly with those we share soul-contracts with – it’s is especially significant as both these bodies conjunct the Super-Galactic Center at 0 Libra, whilst sextiling Saturn at 0 Sagittarius. So the choices we make now resonate stronger with the ways in which we connect with Spirit/Source/Center and they lay the foundation for a far longer-term commitment to explore/transform certain outlooks on life (belief systems, ideas, philosophies, etc.), potentially through foreign travel as well..
Those with placements near 0 Taurus will experience this as an absolutely powerful Yod or Finger of Fate, propelling you to a certain set of karmic crossroads in which you have to choose. Choose with path you take, what you choose to hold onto, where your attachments and values lie (or don’t). You’ll be asked to let go of values that no longer resonate with the wisdom coming through from this powerful conjunction, despite how comfortable or familiar they may seem. What comes next, however, will be a powerful new beginning in the way you relate to yourselves and significant others. 
Some relationships will become stronger at this time, and others will begin to fray. We’ll see much more of this during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aries, with the Sun in Libra opposed the Moon in Aries – in about a week’s time! Hang onto your hats 🙂 

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  1. Thank-you! I have those beautiful blue butterflies around my place. They are very similar to a Monarch in size and markings except blue.


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