Mars conjuncts Jupiter (13 Virgo), trines Pluto (13 Capricorn) + Venus opposes Neptune (6 Virgo-7 Pisces) + Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith (5 Libra) — 16/17 Oct 2015

Quite a few dynamics to discuss in this report 🙂  Mars, the energy of the Masculine meets Jupiter, the energy of the Guru/Teacher/Mentor in the sign of Virgo, the Priestess/Virgin/Facilitator. What this means is that we see ways in which the Masculine Archetype seeks to expand its knowledge and understanding of self through engagement with Fertile, Feminine energy. We will also see new ways of being more assertive and expansive about the roads we take as part of service. Try not to be too heavy-handed about details and interpretations today as it’s wise to remember that everyone sees things differently. There are multiple roads to Service, multiple perspectives to Truth, multiple paths to Knowing. And we need them all, as a collective!

The trine to Pluto in Capricorn indicates a potential source of change, sometimes even crisis. I get the sense that many false idols are being broken, their feet of clay revealed. Whether it’s a mentor/astrologer/lover/priestess – doesn’t matter – but some part of any false ideas of power that they have/you have about them can be transformed today. Look to the little clues and follow your intuition. Try to practice a more open, and balanced sense of evaluation and judgment as many of us are jumping at hair-triggers now. Bear in mind that Pluto can destroy, just as well as it can create or regenerate. What seems to crumble now can be re-built or transmuted into something better 🙂

Those with placements close to 13 Taurus will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine. For those of you who do, happy manifesting!

We also have Venus opposing Neptune – the exact alignment has yet to appear. Long story short, it’s much of the same – we see which paths we are drawn to, what ideals or aesthetics or service we identify with and want to attract and manifest (Venus in Virgo). We also see Neptune relevating its truths in Pisces. It’s a time where many may truly begin to see past the veil and discard ideals that no longer resonate, or forms that no longer match ideals. Some may even find ways to infuse the vessels/forms/paths of Service they take with greater Spiritual understanding and experience. Others may see the greater need for form, particularly one that honors the Feminine, as part of their Journey with Spirit.

Many will also be a in a position to truly re-evaluate just how their spiritual journey matches or remains incongruent with the way they treat those ‘down below’ on Planet Terra, Mother Gaia, Mama-Earth. With so much emphasis on Transcendence – the extreme of which is Escapism – many forget the Home from which we came. Widening our perceptions on which is the ideal or purest path to Service can also lead us to a fuller understanding of Spirit as well.

And in terms of relationships, we also see this as an energy in which many delusions and false ideals will be revealed. Be open to seeing those truths and you make the journey that much smoother for you.

Those with placements near 6-7 Sagittarius or Gemini will experience this as a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross if both are present.

Last but not least, Black Moon Lilith and Mercury are conjunct at 5 Libra. The archetype of the Dark Goddess is more readily expressed through your thoughts, ideas, and forms of expression (and that of your partner/collaborator). Choose your words wisely as Lilith seeks her Balance, her Equality, her Recognition. Bear in mind that the way we communicate is as important and what we want to communicate. Lilith’s role in this alignment indicate that words have a greater probability of making the self (and significant other) more aware or sensitized to their vulnerabilities at this time. Whilst the way we present ourselves can make us more aware of those deeper woundings, we choose the way – through words that assault, or words that bridge? That’s your choice to make.

Black Moon Lilith and Mercury sextile Saturn (2 Sagittarius) & The Moon (4 Sagittarius). Those with placements near 2-4 Taurus will experience this as a challenging Yod of Fate. It is likely to involve the emotions we attach to the paths or perspectives we see as ‘The TRUTH’, culminating with the hypothetical point in Taurus.

Black Moon Lilith and Mercury are also inconjunct Neptune (7 Pisces), a body already activated by its opposition with Venus (see above). Words are even more able to trigger specific vulnerabilities we have, surrounding (this time) that unqualifiable, indescribable, intimate and deeply mysterious connection we have with Spirit. Look to bodies near 5-7 Leo to complete another Yod of Fate, or to 5-7 Taurus.

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