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Vesta represents the form or process of Service, Surrender and Sacrifice that all Spiritual Facilitators, Mystics, Priestesses, Healers, etc. integrate as part of their work. It is a form of energetic re-cycling, shifting, transmuting and re-purposing that we all do, irrespective of our spiritual identifications or lack thereof.

She began her journey in Pisces, the 12th House, on March 28/29 and finally prepares to leave Pisces (after her entry into and retrograde from Aries) on December 4/5, 2015. That’s in about 1-2 days from now – the energy is building. What comes afterwards, my friends – is a whole other journey!

Let’s look at Pisces and what it represents: I see it as the energy of the depths, the inner Abyss, and its connection with the collective unconscious. It is here that we discover how we are all, truly, in a mystical, transcendental form, all swimming in the deep waters of the Cosmic Ocean. It connects us, it is an expression of us and all that it contains, and more – The Energy of All-That-Is, what we might call ‘The Sacred’. Pisces is a beautiful sign, but one that we also associate (at a physical level) with endings, the possibility of transcendence or escapism, the choice of unveiling Maya or living ensnared in illusion.

Vesta in Pisces has focused us intensely upon this mystical sense of connection with Spirit, especially in recent weeks. She re-entered Pisces as part of her retrograde on October 23/24, turning direct on November 12/13.

Well, it’s clean-up time my sisters, my brothers, my friends. Vesta’s final departure from Pisces signals the clearing of the psychic waterways. We’re moving into deeper resonance with our understanding of what is The Sacred and How Do We Engage With It?

The way you respond to this transit, especially as Vesta has been in close proximity to the South Node (in recent weeks), will differ by individual. Much of this will come down to the past-life or karmic experiences or dynamics that you are being encouraged to release. Some of you will do this joyfully, others will grieve. Some of you will ‘see’, through the eyes of detachment and compassion, the gifts that Spirit brings to you now. It may come directly to you, or, it may be seen in the reflection of what others project unto you.

Bear in mind that the energy of Pisces is also associated with The Christ archetype. Many endings are being woven to make room for new beginnings, and there is a cost of rebirth. Some of you will be scape-goated, as collective dynamics weave their way towards their respective endings. It may not seem an overly ‘fair’ process, but at times, this too is a part of service. I recall now the meaning of The Hanged Man in the Tarot.

In a physical sense, I see the Vesta-in-Pisces energy manifested in the continuous, 22 days of heavy rainfall in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (where I was supposed to be for my upcoming birthday). The land is waterlogged, the rains continue, public infrastructure (buses, roads, trains, airports, hospitals, etc.) has come to a standstill – civilian travelers remain stranded for weeks without a change of clothing, homes lack access to basic drinking water, food, and other supplies.

The human cost is as yet unmeasured, what with so many people who do not live in high rises or concrete buildings. Goddess knows what its agricultural toll will be. Unsurprisingly, the rains are said to stop in 3-4 days, just when Vesta exits Pisces.

No one appears to be doing anything except to suffer, and wait. The political apathy angers me more than anything – and yes, that too is another way a Vesta-in-Pisces response can play out. When it’s all heavy, stagnant, and refusing to move to or change – not everyone will voluntarily or consciously make that choice to shift. Some will sit in their own projections of victim-hood and illusions of powerlessness. And that too is a valid choice, for all we have, at the end of the day .. is the choice to make a decision, one way, or another.

For those of you seeking a more conscious path, do not fall into these traps set by others, or by the more wounded parts of yourselves unwilling to enter unfamiliar territory. Yes, profound healing often demands that we sacrifice our attachment and ego-identification with certain types of wounds. It is truly an opportunity for release, and with it the uncertainty of what lies ahead – healing? happiness? joy? truth? Your answers are yours to find.

Coming back to the collective picture, Vesta leaving Pisces is a powerful transit, and I encourage all of you to sit still, and listen to the voice within. Rituals of release, particularly those by the ocean or which use water in some form will be especially powerful, as will the cathartic and healing power of tears.

I wonder what we will all discover as Vesta begin’s her new journey through the Zodiac as she enters Aries’ in just a few days’ time.

In honor of this immense transit, I am re-instating ‘The Vesta Specials: Readings for the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator in Search of Their Path of Service‘ . The first round of the Vesta Sessions are fully booked. There is a second round between Dec 26-Jan 3, 2015 (Jan 1st is family time). Please let me know if you would like to be waitlisted.

You can also connect with me directly – just fill out the form below:

Blessings to All,
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Image ‘Vesica Piscis, 2015’ and Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi beautiful Sister.. Thank you so much for this last wisdom. So much has been surfacing for me especially over the last week or so. Reading this helps hugely and puts into perspective some of what I have been feeling. I’m moving with it and through it.. Talking deeply with myself and feeling the wounded places surface. I feel blessed to have your presence in my life. Many Blessings and much love to you..❤️


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