Full Moon in Leo (Jan 23-24, 2016) – The Gods and Goddesses Get It On in the Skies :D (Moon conjunct Aphrodite, Moon trine Siva, Osiris, Iris and Magdalena)


At 1:45 am (UTC), on January 24th 2016, the Moon (at 3 Leo ´29) will oppose the Sun (at 3 Aquarius ´29). Full Moons are times of culmination, bringing to fruition seeds set during the New Moon of the same sign, 6 months prior (August 13-14 2015). The Sun and Moon in Leo were conjunct Alshesha, the Serpent Star, in a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus and Ixion and inconjunct Chiron. It was a fiercely intense time in which we were called to explore our relationship with lower chakra energy, the appropriate use of power and our relationship with the pain-wounding-healing spectrum. We will see many of these dynamics played out in complex ways over the course of the next few days. Those of you who worked with this energy last year will have an easier time working with the energy of grounding, connection with the deeper, darker aspects of energy and the gifts of the lower chakras at the present time. Otherwise, these are likely to present themselves in a more challenging way. Bear in mind that higher chakra energy-information-intuition, in itself is amazing, but still requires the lower channels to allow it to manifest in a grounded, holistic manner. Neither is less or more important than the other, they are a whole system.

In terms of the skies at present, we see the Sun in Aquarius hilighting our visions and ideals of what humanity´s greatest chance at a future worth having might look like. We may find the more eccentric, unconventional and certainly rebellious aspects of our collective ideals expressing themselves strongly at this time. Matters that surround friendships, electronic equipment, social media networks, and altruistic causes may rise to the surface at present. I associate this energy more so with the throat and third eye chakras. Watch for ideas apparently springing out from nowhere, i.e. the Aether as your brain races to catch up with all of the energetic impulses coming through. Some of these will be wonderful, and others might be things to look at closely at a different time.

The Sun will be conjunct Narcissus (3 Aquarius) and Icarus (5 Aquarius) respectively. We will be asked to take a long, hard look at the illusions we may find ourselves trapped in, irrespective of how beautiful or painful they may be. Do we subscribe to ideals fueled by the idea that we are not worthy of more? Or, do we believe in a culture of entitlement without effort? (and so on and so forth – especially as they relate to matters of love, sensuality, joy, children, and so on). Icarus´role in this dynamic is to remind us to fly high and to follow our paths, guided by the Sun. His caution is not to get caught up too deeply, lest we get burned in the heat of our own enthusiasm. We may also be asked to see where we limit ourselves in reaching farther, or aspiring for more in our lives. The Sun is also conjunct Pallas Athena and the asteroid Child at 0 Aquarius. Pallas Athena grants us the strategy and long term vision to discover a truer ideal for the self as it relates to the collective, spurred on by realizations that we may make when considering our relationship with children and/or the Inner Child within. That just happens to be Leo´s domain anyway 😉

The Moon in Leo highlights our deepest states of joy, pleasure, happiness – the sheer passion that fuels us through life, as we seek to co-create a Life of Love. Leo is associated with lovers, sensuality, children, creative projects, self-expression, vulnerability, authenticity, the archetype of the inner child, the sacral chakra (at the very least) and the performative arts. It´s about what makes you come alive, so to speak. You may see ways you can develop a deeper love-connection at this time, especially with yourself. Those of you who honor the Solar-Lion-Goddess, consider honoring the energies of Lady Sekhmet, Durga-Ma or Pratyangira Devi as part of your ritual work at this time. There are of course, other forms of Divnity who equally resonate with this energy. Interestingly, the Moon is also conjunct Aphrodite (4 Leo). heightening the role and presence of the Goddess of Sensuality and Fertility throughout this Full Moon. In other words, a powerful time to Honor Her-The Yoni-The Creative Womb as individuals, and as a collective.

The Full Moon is also trined asteroid Siva (2 Aries – the primal lingam, creative Masculine Energy) and Osiris (2 Sagittarius – the wounded Masculine brought back to life by the Feminine), Iris (3 Sagittarius – the Rainbow Messenger Goddess – she heals through the catharsis of tears and rainbow-colours-the energy of the Rays, she also warns you not to get too carried away with it all…) and Magdalena (5 Sagittarius – Mary Madgalene herself – the vibration of the Dark Goddess, the blood-rose we begin to recognize as Sacred Once More …)

Quite a few Gods and Goddesses present during this Full Moon! Well, in terms of asteroids at least … 😉

Rituals and ceremonies that focus upon bringing back the intuitive, esoteric wisdom of the Feminine will be especially potent at this time – especially as they co-create a new level of individual and collective ´reality´for us all – in conjunction with the Sacred Masculine. It´s time to get the yin-yang dance on 😉 , especially relevant for sexual healers and practitioners that work with sacral chakra energy. It will be a tremendously powerful time to do work with the kundalini, fertility magic, conception and so on, but bear in mind that you need to be as grounded as you can be for that to happen in a balanced way.

Focus upon the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and you will discover … Synergystic Magic… call it the Alchemy of Manifestation if you will …

There´s always other connections to be made with these bodies, but I feel this touches upon the key aspects of the current energy. Have faith in your bodies, your hearts, your creativity and your ability to manifest it all into being…

As there is no limit to what you can do. Not even the sky. Especially not this sky…

Though, that being said,

Treat this energy with respect and give yourself room to listen to the intuitive voice within. Follow your conscience and question why, whether or not or how to best use this energy in a way that enriches you – the collective – and the Cosmos itself.

Also – this energy will royally backfire on you if you seek to manifest abundance from a deeply-rooted belief in a lack of self-worth, an inability to manifest, or a state of mind that says that you simply can´t … Perhaps work on the deeper issues first, sorting out the roots, before trying to make the tree bear fruit in that case.

There´s more than enough abundance for everyone, so keep the good vibes flowing. Know that profound healing is possible at this time, as is profound joy!

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Kalighat pictures Indian gods f.4.jpg, 1875, The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford – Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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