Mercury´s at it again ….

Quick heads up from the skies. Mercury (16 Capricorn) is conjunct Pluto (16 Capricorn and squaring Uranus (17 Aries) and Vesta (15 Aries). It´s making a bunch of other connections as well, but long story short – the role of the mind, of communication, expression, intellect and analysis is highlighted at this time. Watch what you think, feel and say, for how you choose to express a message is almost (if not more) important than the message itself. You may find breakthroughs (or breakdowns) in thought and expression today – be it in yourself, or with others. It pays to clarify messages that seem ambiguous or which are easily misread, before jumping the gun.
We´ve experienced this energy in this exact alignment previously, when Mercury was retrograde. Now in direct motion, Mercury facilitates us with a clearer perspective on to decisions made and experiences had over the past few weeks. The focus here, is on how we communicate our power, retain our sovereignty or rein in excessive expressions of the same.

2 thoughts on “Mercury´s at it again ….

  1. I totally agree that how we express our message is equally important to the message itself. One needs only to look at media headlines on Facebook and online media magazines and newspapers to see how they generalize their subject matter and highlight unimportant data – which leaves viewers with misconceptions unless they take the time to read the entire article, at which time, once again, a little more faith is lost in journalists, politicians and people in general. Thanks for the heads up.

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