Sagittarius, as a sign, and a type of psychological predisposition (especially if on the Ascendant) is very focused on its understanding of personal truths as they sit in relation to a greater body of other Truths. In other words, it wants the roadmap that shows it the various steps and twists and turns of the journey – and the dot that says ´You Are Here´.
The energy of Sagittarius comes alive when it can navigate its own conceptual map, especially when it feels as though it has made enough progress to be seen as an authority or master of that journey – or that is associated with such a teacher.
And .. well.. let´s just say it also likes to make sure you´re aware of that fact. Barring other aspects, Sagittarius finds it hard to have a conversation without referring to the thing they read, or did, or learnt from someone.
Now whilst that isn´t a bad thing in itself, it is – like every other sign – going to face its own challenge.
Let me put it this way – If you´re looking for a guide, guru, mentor or teacher to show you the way to your own salvation …. well, you couldn´t do better than Sagittarius.
And whilst this would have been relevant to previous ages and energetic climes, it really doesn´t hold up much in the emergent wave of spiritual consciousness we are all dancing with at this time.
Because Truth.. and our relationship with Truth .. is changing.
The old codes are shifting, and with them, a new wave of information – and modes of interpretation – are coming through.
The old roadmaps that said – this be the way to the mountaintop – are changing, rapidly.
We´ll see this with the intense focus on the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) throughout this year and the next. A lot of pedestals are going to dissolve (and rightly so), and many of us will discover a healthier relationship with the Journey and its many Conceptual Roadmaps.
Navigate away, brave adventurers – but bear in mind the terrain keeps changing.
The ´I Know, I Judge, My Truth is Better Than Your Truth´ vibe has gotta go. At least the parts of it that make you rigid to change.
Just some thoughts I felt like sharing at this time. Remember, we´re in the buildup to the Pisces Eclipse! Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Eclipse, whilst Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo opposes it.
More on that soon… Stay tuned!
Ciao ciao !
Post & Image ( ´St. Michael´s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall´) © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved. Feel free to share this info using the Share button on FB for personal, noncommercial use. Anything else, please get in touch first.

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