Grand Sextile in the Skies! 10 May 2016.

Just re-blogging the Grand Sextile article as some have had access issues. Alternatively, use the FB link to the article. Mercury´s really up to his tricks today! Blessings ❤

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD: The Sky Priestess

Grand Sextile 10 May 2016

Blessings to All. There´s a Grand Sextile in the skies until (circa) 16.15 GMT/UTC time on May 10th 2016 – so 6 hours from the time this post goes up!

Grand Sextiles look like a Hexagram, or the Star of David formation. You see one upwards and one downwards facing triangle intersecting with one another, surrounded by a six sided hexagon. We call this the intersection of two Grand Trines in complementary signs (Earth/Water, Fire/Air) – typically speaking – surrounded by six sextile aspects.

When this formation comes up, what happens is that we collectively enter a portal of intense manifestation. It is a powerful time to set intention for things that you would like to birth into your own reality – and to go out and take the steps necessary.

2 Grand Trines make up today´s alignment:

Earth: Pluto Retrograde (17 Capricorn) – North Node (18 Virgo) , Jupiter…

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