NAVIGATING THE DANCE OF THE MUTABLE SIGNS (MAY-SEPTEMBER 2016) w. Vesta, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Nodes, etc.

Navigating Mutable Signs

The next few months are going to see a flurry of energy, dynamism and movement that will make us question the way we think, communicate, believe, follow, lead, teach, learn, feel, and intuit, i.e. the way we engage with the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo). Some of the bodies invovled are relatively fast moving (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Vesta, Pallas Athena) whereas others take a lot longer time to shift (North/South Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune).

This is far from the whole picture for the next few months, but it focuses on a specific theme to make the material easier to digest. Whilst all of this is ongoing – we will also be seeing a great deal of focus on the way we structure our material realities by way of Mercury´s transits and retrogrades through Taurus and Virgo, the upcoming Jupiter-Node conjunction – and of course – the North Node´s trine to Pluto-in-Capricorn. We are called to make manifest these changes in ideals, beliefs and spiritual perceptions into the fabric of our material lives. In August and September, we will also be seeing a long-standing Grand Water Trine, involving the South Node and various Goddess asteroids. In June and September, we will also be seeing the Uranus-Eris conjunction – and the global revelations it will bring in its wake.

Without getting to deep into it, there´s a huge influx of energetic change coming in through various channels. This article focuses exclusively on the Mutable signs / bodies and some of their more prominent interactions between May to September. Here´s the highlights:

March 17-July 5: Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune in a T-Square (7 degree orb)

May 21 – Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 22 – Mercury Retrograde in Taurus ends (whew!)
May 26 – Saturn Retrograde squared Jupiter at 13 Sagittarius-Virgo (Final Square)
May 26 / 27 – Mars Retrogrades into Scorpio.

*******May 26-June 28 GRAND MUTABLE CROSS


May 30 – Pallas Athena squared Vesta at 6 Pisces-Gemini

June 4 – Gemini New Moon as part of Grand Mutable Cross!

June 5-July 5, 2016 – Saturn squared Neptune (WITHIN 1 DEGREE ORB)!

June 13 – Vesta squared Neptune at 12 Gemini-Pisces
June 13/14 – Vesta squared Saturn at 12 Gemini-Sagittarius
June 20 – Full Moon at 29 Sagittarius (Grand Mutable Cross still in the background)
June 22 – Vesta squared Jupiter at 15 Virgo-Gemini
June 23 – Vesta squared Node at 16 Virgo-Gemini

June 24/25 – Jupiter conjunct Node at 16 Virgo (Final conjunction for min 100 yrs in Virgo)

June 29 – Mars stations direct in Scorpio. (Yes!)

August 3 – Mars re-enters Sagittarius.
August 12 – Saturn stations direct. (Yes!)
August 24 – Mars conjunct Saturn at 9 Sagittarius (One off conjunction post retrograde)

Aug 25-Sep 22 – Saturn squared Neptune (WITHIN 1 DEGREE ORB)!

September 1 – New Moon (SOLAR ECLIPSE) in Virgo with T-Square involving Neptune, Saturn and Mars

September 8-October 11 – Saturn, North Node, South Node and Neptune in T-Square

September 16 – Full Moon (LUNAR ECLIPSE) in Pisces in T-Square with Mars in Sagittarius

September 26 – Saturn square Nodes at 11 Sagittarius-Virgo (Final Square), w. Neptune at 10 Pisces

And some commentary (if you require it):

With the end of the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (May 22), we will be called to more fully implement the decisions or ideas we have been re-visiting over the past few weeks. Much of this will concern itself with the way we connect with the material world and the relationships that structure it.

We will then experience the Jupiter-Saturn Retrograde square on the 26th of May on 26 May. We experienced this earlier in Virgo-Sagittarius on March 23, 2016 (and in Leo-Scorpio during 2015). This is the final square between the two in these signs. The next Jupiter-Saturn square is in 2023!

With the completion of the Jupiter-Saturn square, we will find some resolution to the question of ´who leads and who follows´. Not a dichotomy I enjoy myself, but hey – it matters to a lot of people. We will find the paths and teachers that actually lead us to long term, (hopefully) sustainable paths of growth. You might see a lot of ego-clashes at this time, and well … it´s a part of the learning curve.

At about the same time, Mars retrogrades into Scorpio, leaving Sagittarius. The focus of our energies moves further inwards, to the more powerful – and equally – vulnerable inner/Underworld. Prepare to face your innermost motives. And bear in mind Saturn did this exact retrograde cha-cha in Scorpio/Sagittarius (whilst squaring Jupiter) in 2015. I suspect we´ll see familiar themes re-emerge.

May 26 also marks the start of the Grand Mutable Cross, bringing together all of the mutable signs and various bodies in transit. This alignment ends at the tail end of June.

A few days later, on May 30, Pallas Athena (6 Pisces) and Vesta (6 Gemini) will square one another in the skies. This will be a powerful day in which we bridge the energies of Spirit and of the Mind (upper Chakra work) to find a different path of navigation through the journey ahead. Pallas allows us to move through the dense fog of Maya, whilst Vesta asks us to cut out the mental chatter and structures that cloud our perception.

I´ll be talking about other alignments closer to the time they occur. But as a broad overview, June and July 2016 are going to be dominated by the Saturn-Neptune square (within 1 degree of one another). We´ll revisit this square between late August to late September as well. Here, we are asked to consider the paths we take to our understanding / experience of Spirituality and whatever Truth it may contain. Some paths will lead us to illusion, and others to freedom. And sometimes the difference between the two is nearly impossible to tell.

Venus, Sun and Mercury will be transiting through Gemini and Virgo together in June, August and September 2016. Vesta will be in Gemini between May-July. These placements activate the other bodies in the mutable signs as discussed above, especially between 11-17 degrees of each.

In June, the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit Gemini, activating aspects to the other Mutable Signs. We will be asked to take whatever larger collective or interplanetary lessons we gain and to bring it down into our everyday, immediate experiences of reality. It´s about taking the larger ideals we use to navigate the Cosmos and to distil them into our daily conceptual frameworks and paradigms for living. June 4 sees a Grand Mutable Cross woven into the Gemini New Moon. The Cross remains in place even during the Sagittarius Full Moon (and at 29 degrees!).Wowza!

Between May 17-July 26, Vesta – the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing / Facilitation / Service will transit through Gemini. Like Venus, Sun and Mercury – it too shall activate the other Mutable signs. Vesta´s role in Gemini will ask us to paths service and facilitation with respect to words, thoughts, ideas and the immediate environment. We question the use of our voices and ideas in the work that we do – the details which we need to explore further, or ideas that we need to release our attachment to. And so much of that will be woven into the way we see ourselves as Facilitators and how we do our work in the World.

Much of this will require a revisiting of older ideas and karmic contracts formed in or expressed through early childhood dynamics with family, particularly, with Siblings. It is an excellent time for those who wish to learn more about the Priestess Arts or other forms of facilitative work, through whole-brain/whole-body techniques, rather than rote memorization and more conventional ideas of education. Note the dates listed above.

This dynamic repeats itself in August and September, this time with the Sun Mercury (+ Retrograde, Aug 31-Sep 21) and Venus transiting Virgo. A similar triggering occurs, with the focus on getting practical and hands-on with the ideas to bring our immediate, present experiences of reality more in alignment with the larger ideals and visions we hold of ourselves-in-the collective.

In September, we are set to find a deeper resolution to the question of the Paths and Truths we take in serarch of Spirit (Saturn Neptune square). We also see Saturn squared the North and South Node. This is … a powerful time to choose the road we take in navigating our own understanding and experience of Karma. That´s… a biggie. We have opportunities to work with this energy (and Neptune, also in the mix) until mid-October. If feel this alignment will be more of a follow-through from some of the energetic negotiations of the months prior. The Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Virgo-Pisces (in September) will also bring many of these themes to fruition.

The energies of May-September 2016 ask us to reflect upon and change the relationship we see between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. Both co-constitute one another, both are equally significant. You see this in the challenge between Student and Teacher (Gemini and Sagittarius) or the Earth-Facilitator and the Mystic (Virgo and Pisces) – and they´re all lit up, learning – and rubbing off – on one another at this time.

In other words, our ideals are of little value lest we manifest them as best we can in practice. Our daily rituals or ways of negotiating life can lack meaning lest we integrate them as part of a wider consciousness of what´s going with us- and the Universe. There are bridges to be built here, arising from our personal experience of reality – to a collective one.

I know that´s a tonne of info, but believe me, there´s a lot more to say. In later Parts, I will discuss other astrological aspects within the May-September 2016 period.

Blessings To All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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