GRAND SEXTILE / STAR OF DAVID / HEXAGRAM / SHADKONA YANTRA IN THE SKIES & BUILDUP TO THE SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON! (20/21 May 2016) w. Mercury Retrograde, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde, Scorpio Moon, Jupiter, North Node, South Node and Thereus.


This alignment lasts for the next 13 hours. Considering it comes in the buildup to the Sagittarius Full Moon, it´s one to watch.

Grand Sextiles are potent portals of manifestation. A fantastic opportunity to set the seeds of intention for that which you wish to manifest. Grand Sextiles work either way – you can use the energy to discover harmony, or greater chaos. It´s an energetic circuit that simply brings in a load of energy – how you channel it is up to you.

The Mercury Retrograde is about to end. Watch the intention you set and draw upon the lessons you have learnt over the past few weeks. The Moon, moving through Scorpio, draws up deeper emotions and connections with the Shadow.

We see that echoed with Pluto-in-Capricorn, bringing the same themes (of Shadow, Power, and Alchemy) to the bigger questions of what you have come to leave behind (Legacy – Capricorn). Pluto opposes Thereus (the Hunter-Stalker) in Cancer, asking us to confront the themes of victimization, predation and abuse originating from ancestral/familial dynamics.

The other alignments (North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo) are things that I´ve been writing about recently. I refer you if you´d like more info on those. But, long story short – we´re asked to find new pathways of growth and service through structured engagement with the material world – one which allows us to create vessels that channel the purity of spirit. We are also asked to release from outmoded conceptualizations of spirituality, and karmic lessons or ties we may no longer need to re-visit at this time.

Quite a few things going on with this alignment.

To be clear – what you make of this energy – comes down to your Free Will. Not your chart, sign, Ascendant – or anything that astrology can tell you. At best, it acts as a framework for understanding yourself. But at the end of the day, it is still You who Chooses what they experience and manifest.

This alignment lasts (roughly) for the next 13 hours, so until 0:00 am, 21st May 2016 (UTC time). The Full Moon goes exact at 1 Sagittarius-Gemini at 21:14 on the same day. (For reference, The Grand Sextile formed roughly about 4 am, 20/5/16 UTC time, 7 hours ago).

And as a heads up – look back to the seeds you set during the Sagittarius New Moon 2015 (Dec 11). I wrote this article back then – as a intro to the months ahead – – – – and then followed that up with a more detailed guide to May-September yesterday: (Navigating the Mutable Signs)

The Universe follows it own timing. And we navigate the best we can.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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