Why Astrology Can´t Tell You Everything … nor should it try to …


The way you work with today´s – or in fact, any energy – comes down to your Free Will. Not your chart, sign, Ascendant – or anything that astrology can tell you. At best, it acts as a framework for understanding yourself. But at the end of the day, it is still You who Chooses what you experience and manifest.

The most useful kind of astrology (I find) is the one you get when you seek out professionals who work with you at the one-to-one level. They give you a sense of the changes coming and ways to work with that energy – but still leave you enough room to interpret make the journey your own. And even then, at the more critical junctures of your life – not on a regular basis.

When you turn to anyone – be it God, Guru, Goddess, Astrologer, Priestess, Shaman – anybody or anything as the source of answers for your life – on a regular basis — you´re not really helping yourself grow. I believe that part of the ethics of spiritual work has to include knowing when to draw the line and turn away those who would rather ask you to sort out the mess and tangle that Life can be. Sometimes a glorious mess, sometimes just a muddly one.

But´s that why we´re here. To live, to learn, to experience. A glimpse of the road ahead is fine, but if you knew everything that needed to be known before heading along – what on earth would the point of the journey be?


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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