SUN CONJUNCT VESTA (3 Gemini) – 23/5


As the Light of the Sun merges with the Priestess of Air, we open ourselves to greater pathways of service, devotion and release. Vesta in Gemini encourages to look at the way we communicate, perceive, intellectualize and engage with our everyday realities. This isn´t about faraway realms or places, but the myriad, minute details (often unnoticed) that make up our daily experiences of life.

If you can be out in nature, notice the way the sun´s rays reflect through a clear pool of water. Or the gentle rustling of the leaves in the wind. Or the songs of the hills, or the messages of the birds. Or anything that truly captures your attention in the present.

Even if you´re not in nature, just look around you to see how your environment seeks to communicate with you. Perhaps through signs, symbols, people – look for the writing on the wall. Might be grafitti, might be an odd phrase on the telly. For some of you, these messages will come through people who featured strongly in your earliest years of life (a sibling, for instance).

Watch for the signs and the messages they bring to you. Some of you will be called to task – perhaps there is some work, or awareness that needs to be brought to a situation. Others will have to walk away from situations in which communication is no longer possible. Some will feel the need to express themselves strongly through words, or through alternate forms of communication (perhaps telepathy, perhaps interpretive dance – doors of awareness are open for you to explore). There are many ways this can play out for you.

Give yourselves a little time to just chill, and pay attention to the details, to the small things. You might see the larger picture beginning to emerge on its own, piece by piece.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

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