THE MAGDALENE SPEAKS: Sun squared Neptune, opposed Magdalena + Grand Earth Trine (Pluto-Mercury-North Node / Nodal Kite)

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Blessings everyone. The Sun will square Neptune (12 Gemini-Pisces) at 2:41 UTC time, 2nd June 2016. As it does so, it activates a Mutable T-Square involving: Sun-squared-Neptune, Neptune-squared-Magdalena, and Sun-opposed-Magdalena. Long story short, over the next three days, we are likely to uncover messages, transmissions, dreams or spiritual activations that give us access to hidden, or arcane information surrounding the personage of the Magdalene – or – more broadly, the role of the Feminine in our understanding of Spirituality.

The Gemini Sun asks us to look at our pasts, to our earliest conscious understanding of what Spirituality meant, or could look and feel like. Many of us it hit the nail on the head as children, but were then forced to dis-acknowledge what we knew instinctively – in order to conform, or to be seen as normal. Some of us had to take a different path just so we would develop more fully before returning to the Wise Child. For not all Inner Children are in need of rescue or nurture – sometimes they just need to be heard and respected. (Or all of the above).

Neptune in Pisces brings back some of the older, innermost knowings – that we accessed spontaneously as children – and equally the trauma of having to suppress that knowledge (if present). For some, this will be generational trauma and/or karmic currents from a previous time. You may also find this playing out with siblings or other factors present strongly in your early childhood (Gemini).

The Gemini Sun is also conjunct Asbolus (11 Gemini), the seer or diviner to whom Truth is revealed in Nature, often through the flight patterns of Birds. A prominent theme for me in the past two days.

The Sun also opposes, whilst Neptune squares Magdalena (11 Sagittarius) – the asteroid representation of Mary Magdalene. Two days ago, I began reading a lovely anthology that presents academic and other research material from authors like Margaret Starbird, Elaine Pagels, Riane Eisler & Co. , presenting their different views on The Magdalene as reported in the Bible, the Gnostic Gospels, the Nag Hammadi and other texts from that era.

I am particularly taken by Margaret Starbird´s hypothesis that the Magdalene was in fact a dark-skinned Ethiopian pagan priestess skilled in the ancient arts (which included hieros gamos). She is said to have fled to France with her (dark-skinned) daughter Sarah. There is a celebration held (till this day) to Sara-la-Kali (i.e. The Dark or Black Sara) at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. There´s another interpretation of that legend, more commonly attributing Sarah as the child of the Magdalene´s servant who travelled with her after the Crucifixion.

I would not be surprised if this – that the Magdalene and her child were of African origin – turned out to be exactly the case and would like to investigate this further on a later pilgrimage. It would certainly add another layer to why and how the Magdalene was both ostracised, ridiculed and turned into a sexual object (a penitent one, no doubt – at least according to the Church between 591 and 1969 when they finally declared that the Magdalene was not a prostitute – though that begs other questions). There are of course other, more conventionally accepted narratives presented in the anthology. And as an introduction to the subject, it´s a broad overview that lets you make up your mind as to what you believe.

Deep in my gut there is a particular …. ring, or resonance with this theory. I would not be surprised – at all – with the simultaneous erasure of the Feminine – and her Blackness – from the narrative, iconography and representation of who-and-what deserved to be Sacred. Bear in mind that a lot of what we understand as Christianity today got popularized and began to be taken as the status quo centuries _after_ the Crucifixion – for largely political reasons. There´s of course a lot of speculation on all of this, but again, feel free to explore and discover what you understand as the Truth.

Recommended Reading:

Secrets of the Code edited by Dan Burstein.

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail by Margaret Starbird.

But, getting back to astrology – with the Sun and Neptune making strong aspects to Magdalena – as described above – we are asked to allow ourselves to (once again) access a deeper layer of consciousness surrounding the theme of the Sacred Feminine.

I would recommend the use of Rose, Frankincense essential oils (if you´re not allergic to them) and the Rhodochrosite gemstone in the process of re-covering knowledge we were told to cut ourselves away from, in earlier times.

Whilst all of this is ongoing, today (31st May 2016), we see the exact formation of a Grand Earth Trine involving Pluto (17 Capricorn), Mercury (17 Taurus) and the North Node (17 Virgo). We´ve felt this exact alignment before, in the 2nd week of April and May respectively – with Mercury doing it´s retrograde cha-cha in Taurus. This will be a time to make concrete your visions of the material world you wish to inhabit, and the value systems that structure them into being. Also a fantastic time to spend time in Nature and re-acquaint yourself with the consciousness of Gaia-Sophia.

In all honesty – rather than seeing this as a Grand Earth Trine – it´s actually a Nodal Kite, the backbone of which is the North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces. This focuses the power of the trine on the South Node. Essentially, we´re being asked to release older ways of attaching ourselves to karmic patterns so that we may find the material structure and expressions of the gifts and inner knowing that lies in wait. Here is where you let Spirit take the reins and to inspire your material creations, or rather, Co-Creations.

In other words, the next three days (31 May – 2 June 2016) are going to bring a very different kind of intensity to what we´ve been feeling as of late. Or rather, a variation on certain themes. One that leads us collectively to a significant threshold of consciousness, to older visions of the Sacred: Gloriously Dark and Powerfully Feminine.

Bear in mind that all this comes just after the recent approach of Mars in Scorpio to Planet Earth. So much has been unearthed, at the individual and the collective level. Whoo hoo!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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Image: Äthiopien Grosses Triptychon Museum Rietberg EFA 15 img07.jpg – By Deutsch: Bartäloméwas zugeschrieben English: attributed to Bartaeloméwas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons (Ethiopian image of Mary Magdalene at the Crucifixion)

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7 thoughts on “THE MAGDALENE SPEAKS: Sun squared Neptune, opposed Magdalena + Grand Earth Trine (Pluto-Mercury-North Node / Nodal Kite)

  1. ha! I have a class scheduled this weekend on the energetic and practical uses of the Rose; I love synchronicity. 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful posts, so thought provoking!


  2. This is fabulous! Thank you so much for this light shed on the black Madonna. I read the books you list years ago. I will admit the DaVinci Code led me on this path. I saw ancient art in the Musee d’Palace of t he Popes in Avignon that indeed confirms the Magdeleine was a black woman. Of Magdala in Ethiopia! Fascinating. And I’ve recently rediscovered my inner child. She’s been waiting for me ever so patiently. Thanks, keep up the great work.


  3. Thank you for this post. I was baptized Maria Magdalena as an infant, and in my twenties began a now decades long quest to understand the significance of these associations in my life. I only recently discovered that there is an asteroid of this name. The asteroid lies between the Moon (6 degrees) and Mercury (8 degrees) in Gemini in my natal chart, and opposes natal Saturn exactly @ 0 degrees. Saturn is conjunct my true north node in Sagittarius in the fourth house. Would you most kindly care to comment on the possible effects/indications?


    1. Dear Magdalena, Honestly that would require a study of the larger chart. But it does indicate that using your voice to heal and identifying how it links to your traditions would be a beautiful path of exploration. That and have roses around you. Best wishes, Bairavee ❤


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