GRAND MUTABLE CROSS (MAY-JUNE 2016) + PREP FOR THE GEMINI NEW MOON 2016 – Sun Venus Saturn Neptune Jupiter square-off!

Grand Mutable Cross

Yes, you read right. We have a Grand Mutable Cross in the skies between May to June 2016, involving some very slow moving planetary bodies and a couple of faster moving ones. Grand Mutable Crosses are formed when 4 bodies in each of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) connect to one another by way of square aspects.

Grand Crosses can be extremely intense alignments, leading to a great deal of stress – but equally – this can be just the catalyst you need to birth a new solution or a creative dynamics to a once-stagnant situation. Mutable energies are ones that can adapt, and so your chances of working with the flow that is created are a lot better at this time.

The Gemini New Moon (June 4) is woven into this alignment, so it´s useful time to go over these themes.

At the minute (2 June 2016), these are the more commonly known players involved (asteroids at the end of the article):
Sun – 12 Gemini, Venus – 11 Gemini, Neptune – 12 Pisces, Saturn – 13 Sagittarius, Jupiter – 14 Virgo.

In the Piscean Corner, we see Neptune – ruler of the Watery realms and the 12th house – bringing to us the need to acknowledge that more hidden, secretive side of life found only through the deepest exploration of the sub-conscious. Here we see extrasensory gifts, enhanced psychic abilities and the karmic weave that connects us across and through multiple dimensions, realities and timelines.

Equally this is where we recognize our deepest vulnerabilities, our sense of wounding, trauma – and equally – forms of connection through which we discover the Sacred. The wound does not always have to represent this gateway to Spirit, though it sometimes can. (Later in Pisces, Chiron reminds us of this lesson).

And on top of all of that, as we discover gifts, unearth traumas and re-member our Spiritual nature – we equally face the question of delusion, false idealization, projection and gate that leads to lala-land. It is perhaps a Universal irony, or Cosmic Joke that the same energy that can lead to Transcendence, Release and Expanded Consciousness – is the same place we encounter the possibility for Madness, Escapism and Loss.

Those of you facing this energy as a dense, sticky, toxic one – consider smudging your space, using protective or cleasing gemstones (selenite, black flourite, etc.), protective mantras, salt soaks/baths and/or essential oils (frankincense, etc.).

Some of you may respond to Neptune by feeling an increased need for sleep, or grounding, or food – as long as this doesn´t feel like an escape from the task at hand – go ahead and do what you need to. Seek to harm none, including yourself. Some of you may need friends, family or other sources of support if you´re in a particularly vulnerable place. There is no shame in asking for that help, if you require it. Bear in mind that whether someone can and is willing to help (or not) is not a reflection of you, but probably has more to do with their own circumstances.

Facing off Neptune, we see Jupiter in Virgo – pointing the way towards growth, expansion and discovery of the Path Ahead. We do so at this time by focusing upon the paths of wellness, wholeness, healing and service that we discover in our day-to-day realities. Practical little details that make up the nuts and bolts of life. It may be starting a new exercise regime, practising meditation and deep breathing a few minutes each day, learning a new type of healing modality, exploring the Priestess/Earth-Facilitator Traditions and/or seeking a guide/mentor/teacher who can show you the ropes in such fields. For Virgo to do her work, however, she needs to keep a clean space. As you discover what you want, you´re likely to de-clutter your space of what you no longer need. Neptune can either help, or exacerbate the process depending upon your own spiritual process and level of groundedness.

If you´re missing the forest for the trees, take a step backwards and allow yourself to process with your intuitive and psychic centers. If you´re missing the trees for the forest, take a step forwards and aim to use a more conscious, rational, analytical faculty of mind (which we often refer to as the logical side – Neptune/Pisces is anything but). Some of you may find the act of writing out a DIY List to be particularly useful, or in logically working through the steps of a problem to deduce the answer, or solution required. Framing empheral sensations as puzzles or problems to work through and solve can be the little nudge you need in the right direction to make sense of whatever you´re sensing. But remember to act on these intellectual leaps and plans. Even if it´s a tiny teensy baby step in the massive journey ahead – it still counts.

The two other corners in this Grand Mutable Cross are occupied by Saturn in Sagittarius and (right now) the Sun and Venus in Gemini.

Saturn in Sagittarius shows us the Path Ahead and asks us to commit to the physical structures, forms and material resources required to your vision a reality. If you want to learn a new field of study, jump ship to another country, or something of that ilk – Saturn says commit to it full steam – if it will take you where you ultimately want to go. For many, this can be a time of heightened ego-battles and conflicts, especially amongst circles of facilitator-teachers, each of whom has their own vision of truth, with absolute certainty. Probably best to sidestep all that.

Neptune squaring Saturn reminds us to keep our views flexible and to ultimately tune in with Spirit. It tells us not to judge a person by their possession -or- lack or possession of material goods and status and to listen to the message.

In other words – seeking Truth is great, but as with anything, it changes over time and context. If you come across a path or teacher that says THIS IS IT – ALL ELSE IS STUPID! WORSHIP ME!!! – my advice to you is to run, run fast.

There will be teachers who are naturally in flow with the zeitgheist and public attention will go to where they are. Hear what they have to say, then make up your mind.

Jupiter squaring Saturn in Sagittarius brings a different sort of message – as Jupiter rules Sagittarius in any case. Here we see differences that arise in the way we understand our growth processes. You will find some paths and teachers that are all about the big picture – and others that pay attention to the small, fine, print – and the details you need to get done to make it happen. They´re both important.

At the collective level, we can also see this as the conflict between the more established form of religious organization (largely patriarchal) and the re-surgence of the Feminine, and it´s associated Goddess / Priest-ess movement. Both are vying for legitmacy – and both are trying to find ways to be of service. You´ll find the Virgo-Sagittarius square expressed across the board, it isn´t a clean-cut stand off.

The Sun and Venus in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius remind us to focus upon the immediate here-and-now. To look back to earlier chapters of our childhood to see how we internalized certain ways of seeing the world – which later led to the belief systems we carry and forms of knowledge we recognize as legitimate. The relationship and influence of our early childhoods cannot be underestimated – the same applies to our siblings and patterns of interaction with them. The Solution (rather than the Devil) lies in the little details.

Much like Virgo, Gemini asks us to think through the solution we seek – rather than to simply accept the status quo and answers issued ´established´ sources of wisdom and authority.
Starting writing or speaking about the things you´re having trouble processing at this time. Journal or write a letter to yourself, or someone you need to work things through with. You might not need to send that letter if you´ve found the clarity you require.
If, on the other hand, too much mental chatter is overwhelming your ability to think straight – try working with something like smoky quartz or clear fluorite.

The Neptune square to the Gemini combo encourages us to keep our Mind and Spirit in alignment with one another. Complement the analytical, logical work with the more intuitive exploration that Pisces beckons you to take. Don´t try to force solutions and answers to come, and learn to back off and let Time work its magic and reveal them when/if required. The Jupiter square brings home the message of embodiment. Don´t keep your explorations stuck at the abstract level, but make them real through a physical act, ritual or gesture that you repeat on a regular basis – so it stays in your consciousness.

There´s a bunch of asteroids and other bodies that are similarly involved in this 4-way Mutable Square. I´m just going to summarize what each brings to the table.

Vesta (7 Gemini): The need to release thought-forms built on outmoded ideas of service-and-sacrifice, finding new conceptualizations of service and sacred embodiment. She´ll reactivate the Grand Mutable Cross later in June.

Altjira (10 Gemini): Revelations that come through the Dreamtime. Perfect time to start working on a dream journal.

Asbolus (11 Gemini): Relevations that come through de-constructing childhood, omens through the flight of birds and signs in nature

Phaethon (11 Gemini): Young, juvenile energy that is liable to strike out and do something quite crazy in response to threats it perceives from masculine energy; self-destructive thought patterns – currently directly conjunct Venus!

North Node (17 Virgo), South Node (17 Pisces): New karmic cyles made possible through the release of the old. De-cluttering mental, physical, emotional space to become a better vessel for Sacred energy. Learning how to re-connect with the Sacred in ways that do not perpetuate past karmic cycles (of wounding, trauma, disconnection, abuse, etc.).

Magdalena (11 Sagittarius): Intuitive connections with the Sacred Feminine, Compassion and forgiveness as a means of karmic release from trauma of exile. Discovering or forming paradigms that support this intuitive knowledge.

Osiris (13 Sagittarius): To realize the Path of healing the Sacred Masculine begins with a recognition of its dismemberment. With Magdalena close by, to recognize that the Masculine and Feminine must both work together to find wholeness – on any path – in any paradigm

Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius): The ability to attract or repel paths, paradigms and teachers who will show you the way to Truth – or Falsehoods (which you later move away from). No one is going to be everyone´s cup of tea, and that´s fine. Leave what doesn´t resonate and carry on your journey.

Teharonhiawako (12 Pisces): The need to recognize the common ground on which all differences are formed. Merging paradigms or recognizing how opposites can co-exist in shared space. Currently conjunct Neptune.

Child (17 Pisces): Healing and release made possible by focusing on issues from Childhood, the Inner Child archetype, your physical children, and so on. Rediscovery of spiritual gifts from childhood. Currently conjunct South Node, opposed North Node.

There we go. That´s the overview of this Grand Mutable Cross – some of the likely issues that arise through it – and what can be done in response. There´s plenty of other ways this can play out for you. Seeking spiritual guidance at this time would be very useful – as long as you have a facilitator you can trust and whom you are instinctively drawn towards.

If you´re drawn to working with me, bear in mind that will be a very, very intense time – and things go very deep, very quickly. Not recommended if you´re in the process of freshly recovering from trauma, or if it´s buried so deep you no longer want to recognize it´s there. Otherwise, yeah – welcome on board, get in touch.

To those of you who see this as a creative opportunity, go forth and make your lives in alignment with the greater Spiritual vision or impulse you are all called to follow and bring to life. It´s a wonderful time to set your intentions as we head towards the Gemini New Moon. Going to be a treat to see this manifest during the Gemini Full Moon (December 13, 2016).

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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