Eris-Uranus conjunction (1 of 3) happened … So, Now What?


A tremendous wave of energy was unleashed less than 24 hours ago. And so many have felt the change and understood its deeper message, power and depth.

But what now? What´s the next step?

How do we take the energy of the Feminine and integrate Her into a world that seems (for the most part) so intent upon Her exclusion?

How do we honor whatever we can from the past, without needing to re-live it once more – but to build upon it into something new, something unprecedented?

For me, that seems to be the question right now. The internal push as I look at my deeper impulses and the reality that I currently occupy – in three-dimensional space.

How does the change happen? How do we transform the world we l(i)(o)ve in?

How do we address structures of inequality that govern, control and limit our access to our fullest expression of humanity ( / divinity / use the term you´re comfy with)?

Do we burn it all in contempt, honor in it in sacred release, ignore it entirely? Or something else?

So much of the what Eris unleashes now will make us question the foundation of institutions in our private lives (family, relationships, etc.) and our wider engagement with the world (governments, authority, etc.).

It is my firm and personal belief that we will be asked to renegotiate the very meaning of what it means to be human being and the aspirations that an awakened human collective may want to embody.

This will also make us look back to the past epochs, ideas and institutions that have made this present moment in time (and all of its joys and sorrows) possible in the first place.

This is a space that has yet to be filled. A gap. A void. A realm of nascent potential, swirling with the energy of infinite possibilities.

Rather than filling it with our current ideas, knowledge or states of mind – perhaps it is a point best left empty till the time comes to address it once more. We hold ourselves to be fully present to the process, and to begin acting upon it when called to do so – rather than charging in with the Ego-Mind. The part that wants answers, change and results NOW!

That approach may be counterproductive, in the long run.

I feel as though the Eris-Uranus conjunction has given so many of us a glimpse ahead of the future we wish to build.

From my reading of skies, we will begin to see the form of the energy-seed that Eris-Uranus has awakened in us all at key moments within the next 7-year cycle. I´ll be writing more about the exact alignments closer to the dates in question.

Now we have the blueprint, so to speak, the work begins in earnest. We seek to build a bridge between the reality of the past, what we hope will be the future.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings To All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

Video on the significance of the Eris-Uranus conjunction and what it means for us all ❤ ❤ ❤




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3 thoughts on “Eris-Uranus conjunction (1 of 3) happened … So, Now What?

  1. Hello, Your “readings” are haunting and beautiful. They draw my attention to a greater awareness of larger patterns swirling inside me and over my head. Lovely, thank you! xoxoxox

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