The past two days, I´ve been feeling this ….. palpable ache in my heart. Not a physiological thing, but this deep, heavy emotion seeking to find expression. In the meantime I´ve been away doing things, visiting Rosslyn Chapel and environs and so on. The chapel is built through the intersection point of the Greenwich Meridian Line, the Michael Line and the Rose Line. Certainly a point of intensity. The image of this post is the Yew Tree that stands outside the chapel. More than the chapel itself, I was drawn to this particular spot on the grounds.

What I´m feeling now feels so huge – I know it is a facet of sheer outpouring of emotion and energy catalyzed by the Uranus-Eris conjunction on June 9th. It´s a lot bigger than you and me – It´s the collective unconscious being stirred into Arising.

My dreams have been strange and I keep feeling that there is something I need to address. All the while my heart beats a song in its rhythm … Open, Open, Open. To accept the emotion of one is a task in itself, but to accept the collective? That´s … just … aiye… I got not words.

And yet that level of empathy is what so many of us holding space for this transit are asked to operate it. With that opening comes joy, but equally sadness. Sadness in need of a witness, that it may – perhaps – find expression, possibly even transmutation.

There are two post-Eris factors in the skies which I attribute to this greater emphasis on opening the heart – farther and wider than we thought ever possible or even necessary.

(1) The Moon and Vesta now activate the Grand Mutable Cross in the Skies.

(2) Neptune in Pisces is about to begin its Retrograde.



I have been writing on the Grand Mutable Cross for the past weeks and refer you to older articles on my blog www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.comfor reference. Essentially, it is a powerful alignment that lasts till the end of June, involving Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo. We can also factor in the influence of the North and South Nodes in Virgo and Pisces respectively. The Cross forms with transiting bodies in Gemini such as The Sun, Venus, Vesta (The Priestess Asteroid) and Mercury.

The Moon at 11 Virgo is close to Jupiter (14 Virgo) and The North Node (17 Virgo). It asks us to organize, de-clutter and re-focus our energy towards health, service and maintaining or preserving our emotional equilibrium. Much of these issues will stem from perceived/real issues in the home, with family and the Archetype of Motherhood and associated energetic lineages. We may be called to act upon our inner impulses as a preserver-holder of space when it comes to spaces within the home, or even outdoors. The Moon´s square to Saturn (12 Sagittarius) and Neptune (12 Pisces) is within one degree. This will only intensity for the rest of today, building down tomorrow (12 June).

At present, the Moon is exactly squared Vesta (11 Gemini). Vesta´s role in this alignment is to examine the ways we perceive, understand and communicate our ideas and very sense of presence (selfhood) in our day to day environments. This can also require a looking back at days of early childhood in which we began to learn how to think, communicate, perceive, etc. Gemini´s energy is very much focused upon the mind and oour relationship with those who helped shape it into being (siblings, childhood friends, parental influences, etc.). It is a time to to look at these internalized constructs and ideas and to re-evaluate them in terms of recent shifts and changes. Are your mental maps in alignment with your Spirit? If so, great. If not, it´s time to update the paradigm. This resonates strongly with the Virgo Moon´s call to declutter the mind and related emotional states.

Vesta´s alignment continues to influence the energy of the Grand Mutable Cross for the rest of June. Activities like writing, speaking, etc. will be of great benefit at this time. Just let it all out into a voice recorder or piece of paper. And see what you can put together or choose to discard afterwards. Whole brain note taking techniques would be useful at this time as is working with the non-dominant hand, writing in different ways and using colour pencils/paints/etc.

There´s a lot of other things going on in the skies in June – here´s a list of a few major aspects:

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces begins on June 13.
Venus opposes the Galactic Center on June 15.
The Virgo North Node trines whilst Pisces South Node trines Pluto on June 16.
The Sun opposes the Galactic Center on June 17.
The Sagittarius Full Moon at 29 degrees takes place on June 20.
The Sun shifts into Cancer on June 20. (We celebrate the Summer Solstice at about this time, usually on June 21)
Ceres, Eris and Uranus conjunct on June 23.
Jupiter and the North Node conjunct on June 24.
(Add a day if you´re in Asia/Australia/Europe)

I would recommend just feeling into and working with the energy present in the skies and to reach out to expert facilitators whom you trust after June 13th. There´s a lot of good people doing good work out there, but take the time to see who and what approach you require.

Given these alignments, it is no wonder that I was called to postpone sessions till the 14th. Especially with the Neptune Retrograde on the cards.



When Neptune begins its retrograde on June 13, we will feel the pull inwards. Our psychic experiences will either center themselves more to onto inner currents (and how they reflect an external ´reality´) and/or seem more mysterious, secretive and intense. Different people deal with the Neptune Retrograde differently. For some, Neptune disillusions them, stripping away cherished layers of illusion (as beautiful as they may be), to face a gritter version of Truth. Others, unable or unwilling to strip back, go deeper into their delusions.

And there is going to be a lot to process on the cards. I would urge all of you to practice compassion and self-care. If your heart is bleeding, look at that first. Then you can help another more effectively.

Neptune is also associated with detachment and compassion, as true compassion is often found once you strip away all personal attachment, expectations or requirements adhered to the concept. It´s terrifying to work with that energy in that way as we´re conditioned to valorize personal emotions and attachments over the more detached variant of Love. That´s the difference between living more so with the Sacral and the Solar Plexus – and the Heart Chakra. And that is exactly what we are collectively called to do at this time.

Sensitives are going to be feeling this pressure build till the 13th (again, the exact experience depends on your personal journey and your chart) – at which point, we´ll be back in the Down-Below. Which is fine – think of it as a Return Home.

The build-up to the Neptune Retrograde is extra potent at this time owing to its inclusion in the Grand Mutable Cross . . . So, if you´re feeling this powerful pull to deeper spirituality, compassion so intense that you feel like your heart might burst – it´s probably this aspect.

Bringing all of this to a close, it´s a very interesting and intense time in the Universe. And we´re all part of this epic process of interpersonal, intrapersonal and collective evolution. There´s a lot that´s tumbling down into oblivion thanks to Eris-Uranus, and more spaces for a freer, more detached, even more loving space of compassion to emerge into – centered in the Heart Chakra.

I discuss the link between these themes in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHUOxjQU5rA

Stay Centered, Grounded and Remember

You are Very, Very Loved.


The Sky Priestess

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Information on Sessions (14 June onwards): http://wp.me/p4OUNS-pa


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  1. I don’t know if I can relate my situation to these aspects.. but since like 10th June I have been feeling this tremendous flow of affection for someone I have been distanced since Saturn’s entry in Scorpio.. It feels like those feelings are still intact and even grew stronger and I don’t know but m feeling this more in last two days. M trying to know what message this phase is trying to give.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That actually fits the bill quite well. Intense emotions. The whole separation-and-heart filled longing thing is typical, typical Neptune. I think you´ll just have to flow with it till the message gets clearer. Hopefully the Neptune Retrograde will ease things for you. Blessings.


  2. Well said! There is a rough harshness to the energy out there. A bit like crawling on your knees up a stony path. I love that photo, beautiful tree and stone wall.
    Once again I seem to be doing the microcosm of the macrocosm bit. Mutables under fire.
    I am glad I do not have to deal with difficult relationships though, and can get quite creative here and detach and elevate the energies.


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