Brexit. The UK has voted to leave the European Union. The British Prime Minister has resigned.

It´s official. The UK has voted to leave the European Union and the British Prime Minister has resigned. And it fits in perfectly well with the astrology of the present (and – in the link below – with the UK´s political chart). The North Node and Jupiter are conjunct in Virgo, indicating the charting of a new course of events, the drawing of new boundaries. Ceres, Uranus and Eris are conjunct in Aries – indicating the energy of breaking through/away from the status quo (to put it mildly).

I suspect a second referendum will have to be held in Scotland as over 60% have voted to stay in the EU. Northern Ireland has also strongly voted in favour of Remaining. Wales, however, chose to support Brexit.

The current thinking is that it will take 2 years for the dust to settle and for ties to be severed in full as per the Lisbon Treaty. The UK will of course be dealing with the EU through various other treaties.

I found an excellent political astrology piece that predicted the results:…/how-astrology-predicts-a-bre…/ – and I agree with the wider implications spoken of in the article. When Pluto reaches 23 Capricorn in 2019, we should see the process come to an end. Finality, so to speak.

There´s been huge market instability and the British pound has fallen to levels not seen since the Thatcher government in 1985. And it will impact the markets of the globe, in turn.

There´s going to be a huge ripple effect with this result. No doubt about it. Within the UK itself, the vote (52 % to leave, 48 % to remain) has shown considerable division. Some see it as a wider rejection of the government and its policies, using the vote on Europe as a proxy channel.

For the first time in the Parliament´s history, the UK has witnessed the electorate (72% turnout) instructing the government to do the very opposite of what it wants to do. In that sense, parliament as an institutional space of/for political representation has spectacularly done the opposite of its stated purpose. What is interesting is that politicians across party lines (Labour, Conservative, etc.) have urged voters to remain – with fissures within parties themselves, of course.

A question has also been raised as to whether the current regime – so opposed to the idea of leaving – should negotiate the practical details of Brexit. And if not them, then who does the task fall to?

And what will happen with the French and German elections next year?

More questions. More events to unfold.

Interesting times.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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