HEADS UP: Sun Trines Neptune, Inconjuncts Saturn, Neptune Squares Saturn (all within a 1 degree orb, 3 July 2016)


Today´s an interesting day. The Sun (11 Cancer) makes its trine to Otherworldly Neptune (11 Pisces). In itself, this is enough to make us focus more so on the formless, nameless aspects of spirituality and what we may consider ´the Sacred´. If you have a body at 11 Scorpio or thereabouts, you´ve got a Grand Water Trine Activated in your Chart. Kapow!

Follow that intuitive compass, in any case 🙂

The Sun-Saturn (11 Sagitarius) inconjunct raises more difficult questions as to our deeper feelings and desires, what forms of collective identity we find a home in and how we relate to our ancestors. Saturn in Sagittarius seeks to find a paradigm, path or teacher that answers these more difficult questions, pressured by the Sun-inconjunct and its square to Neptune.

Stay open, stay fluid. There´s no need to find TRUTH that can´t evolve or shift in response to you. As much as I would like to believe in an Absolute form of Truth, the only Absolute thing about it (that I understand) is that it Evolves.

Those of you who have placements near 11 Taurus and/or 11 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate). Karmic questions, experiences or dynamics are swiftly brought to a point of intensity, potentially culmination.

And the crossroads come, and there you make your choice.

The Neptune-Saturn square is ongoing. And all of us continue to head towards a Path or form of Truth that we believe will take us deeper Within, to Spirit.

Whether that is the case, however, is a different matter. Neptune is just as able to take you down the path of self-deception, just as it can take you to space/non-space of transcendence.

Exercises in self-reflection, or working with facilitators who can hold up an honest reflection to you – will be immensely beneficial at this time.

And remember – the New Moon (trined Neptune) is tomorrow!

Set your intentions wisely

Gemstone recommendations: protection (selenite), healing (clear quartz), clarity (smoky quartz / optical calcite).

Essential oils: Frankincense (protection and clearing), Lavender (calming) – remember to check for allergic responses before using anything new

Practices: Grounding, Earthing, Centering, Salt soaks for the body or feet (with essential oils if appropriate)

Explore these suggestions if you wish, but don´t let them limit you.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


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