Blessings, we´re just about at the end of a powerful energetic alignment involving The Sun transiting (between 12-17) Leo, Pluto at 15 Capricorn and the Neptune at 11 Pisces. I´ve been seeing powerful declarations of love, breakups, and deaths on my FB feed. My family is – at this time – presiding over the last rites of a beloved relative. Not unexpected, and probably for the best – she suffered greatly due to health-concerns. But no one expected that it would be so soon.

And I see so much of that playing out in others´lives, and certainly, in global events. I´d have written on this alignment before, but it floored me completely.

(Trigger warning: Skip the next three paragraphs if you´re squeamish).

Out of the blue, I had to have a sudden surgical procedure to remove a large, swollen sweat gland (ruled by Pluto) that had become infected and was spreading pus all around the sternum. In on other words, right between my breasts (rulership: Cancer, where I have transiting Vesta opposing my natal Neptune, all activated by the Great Goddess Grand Sextile). Probably one of the most tender places to do that procedure on. Ouch.

It was quite traumatic as the anaesthetics didn´t work as well as they should and I am scarred by images of a doctor pumping out pus from my chest. The pain started just as this Yod began, the surgery at its peak, and the recovery just as the Yod dissolves. And just a day prior to that I had an equally horrid visit to the dentist. Again, anaesthetics failed to work … and it was just .. ugh. (Teeth are ruled by Capricorn … it all fits…)

Now, I have other factors in my chart that account for why this was such a visceral experience for me – you would have experienced it differently.

Let´s get back to general definitions.

Yods are known as The Finger of Fate (and by many other names). The literally ´point´ you towards a theme, event, person, incident or energy that will bring you to a point of crisis & culmination. There´s no middle ground when a Yod comes into play. Sometimes it´s a build-up of things that have been set into motion long ago – and sometimes it just hits you left-field.

For some of you, this energy would have led to an intense breakthrough, for others – a breakdown – or a combination of both. Especially if you, like I do, have many bodies near the midpoints of signs (circa 15 degrees, etc.). What also strikes me as interesting is that this Yod began with the energy of the Leo New Moon and ends on the day of the Lion´s Gate 8.8.16.

Let´s look at the signs involved and their general correspondences:

Leo: Matters of love, passion, joy – the things that light your fire and make you want to share it with the world!
Keywords: Children, creative projects, romantic liaisons, drama, performance, inspiration, courage, charismatic leadership

Pluto-in-Capricorn: What or who you powerfully chose to commit to or merge your energies with. Specifically those that relate to the larger question of what legacy you leave behind.
Keywords: the long run, ambition, success, power, solidity, Elder Wisdom, intimacy, fidelity, betrayal, health complaints (especially genitalia, skin, knees, teeth), bodily regeneration, surgery, death, rebirth, the Underworld, shamanism, trauma, healing

Neptune in Pisces: Connections to past-life karma, otherworldly realms, extra sensory perception, spirituality, surrender, suffering, isolation, confinement, projection, narcissism, codependency, Truth, illusion, Tracendental Realization, Self Deception etc.

Just a couple of things to get you started. Look back to these past few days and see what´s come up for you. If your chart, like mine, is highly triggered by this (and other) alignments, you´re likely to witness it in a more dramatic unfolding of events.

Bear in mind we´ll see the seeds of whatever this FoF (Finger of Fate) has helped us set into motion during the Leo Full Moon (February 2017).

Ultimately, it all comes back to a collective awakening of the Heart, in its abstract and embodied form – and an understanding of how to share it – with all of the joy and vulnerability that comes with the package.

What will have been a painful awakening for many (and perhaps joyful for others) will ultimately lead to a greater, collective focus on Love. As hard as that may be to see in the present, depending on your circumstances.

I do have to apologize for a previous version of this article that cited the North Node as the player of the Yod, rather than Neptune. The Nodes are squaring the Great Attractor at this time, with Mercury conjunct the North Node. So yes, there´s certainly activity there. Clearly – I still need rest x

Keep the Faith. You are Loved.

Thank you for reminding me of that in my time of distress

Blessings and Hugs,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Link to Great Goddess Grand Sextile (July 28-August 14) Article:http://wp.me/p4OUNS-1jn

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Image: “Lock”, 17″ X 14″, gouache on paper, 2016 by Nataki McNeal Bhatti. Used with the artist´s permission. For more of Nataki´s soul-full work, head over to www.whalesongcontinuum.com


  1. I really am amazed, impressed, and in love with your wise teachings and insight.
    I am so sorry to hear about you health troubles. I have a Capricorn father I struggle to bond with and have been having teeth trouble since December. The dentist’s I have seen have not served me well, and the troubles come and go almost healing and then coming back. It is interesting to see how it corresponds with your writings.
    I am getting out of a 25 year marriage as this anniversary looms in the near distance. The marriage was founded, precursed, by my traumatic brain injury. I have felt like I am emerging from a cocoon, painfully transforming into a truer me. It has been very difficult to navigate the emotions, keeping my children from drama, and nurturing growth and well being after an overpowering relationship. Many times your writings here come just when I need a better understanding of why some times are far more challenging than others.
    I believe/hope the financial aspects will provide for me to engage your skills, I have never had my chart done, and believe it would be very helpful at this juncture in my life.
    Thank you again, many blessings to you.


  2. Wow, I have been presented with extra challenges also. I lost my voice yesterday and have an upcoming road trip for the weekend with my Dad. Hmmm.
    Thanks for sharing and as always take care. You are loved and I appreciate your candor. 💙


  3. wow, that sounds intense! I’m curious is transiting yods are the culmination of events brought to healing, what the meaning of a yod in the natal chart would be, past life events culminating in long term crisis and healing in the present? yods are fascinating, carry much energy…


  4. Thank you for sharing this traumatic experience with us and your insights surrounding it. I look forward to your posts, it’s sometimes startling how often I can relate somehow with them!


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