At 9.49 am 13-8-2016 UTC time (that´s the 12th for you in the Americas), Saturn will end its retrograde motion and station direct at 9´ 46 Sagittarius. Thank Heavens!

For the past few months, we have experienced such intensity with the Dance of the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo Pisces) and a Grand Mutable Cross that lasted for all of June, followed by a Yod (Finger of Fate) that lasted for all of July, and a two-week-long Great Goddess Grand Sextile that will fully form on August 14 (and then end).

Oh yes, and Mars and the Moon are close by to the Lord/Lady of Time and Karma as S/he stops moving in reverse (from the earth-view that is).

Argh. Ai. Yai. Yai. Cosmos, it´s been rough.

Some of us have made tremendously powerful, bold strides in the world, and others have caved in under the pressure and crawled to safety. Usually a mixture of both.

That distinctly unstable, volatile, vacillating, alternating, serpent-sinewing dynamic has not yet ended.

It shall continue. But in a different form.

Saturn´s end of retrograde signals a time where the lessons, pressures and trials that Saturn bring becomes more externalized, and equally, more amenable to be acted upon. The pressure builds less within and the channels for its release move outwards – into the big, wide world and Cosmos.

You can think of it as the time where the seed has pushed out of its protective shell and is shyly poking through the top of the soil layer with a tip. More work, growth and consolidation comes, but a different layer, or level of consciousness. Things get pushed to the surface and cease to simmer (as much) in the psyche.

This can be a great thing, for those of you using this energy to build a stable Path for yourselves and others – or a really disastrous thing – if you use the Sagittarian platform to breed a new dogma of authoritarianism, rigidity and/or inertia.

So yes, things are about to heat up even more. As we get a lot more vocal, assertive and externalized in the ways and paths we use to navigate our world and discover a sense of Truth. Don´t forget – Eclipse Season is coming up, as is Saturn´s conjunction with Mars (3rd week of August), Saturn-square-Neptune (2nd week of September), Saturn-square-the-Nodes- (last week of September) – and so on.

We are nowhere near done with this intensity, but we will begin to engage with it differently once the Saturn retrograde ends.

At the time Saturn stations direct, we see as part of a Grand Mutable Cross – along with Venus / Urania (9-10 Virgo), Circe / Amor (9-10 Gemini) and Neptune (11 Pisces).

Venus and Urania in Virgo ask us to discern appropriate boundaries within personal and professional relationships – and – in our faith in the skies / heavens. Look to see where your energetic vessel needs further boundary-strengthening, or where the walls have been placed too high. Is your faith in your business/partnership/cosmic connection leading you to the experiences that bring you to Spirit – or are they pulling you away from them?

Circe and Amor ask us to look at the power of the written word, relationships with one´s early home & siblings, ideas and communication. Here we are shown how we are part of a collective narrative that projects its baggage unto the figure of the powerful, sexual, enchantress (Circe) – and how that gets reproduced as part of a child´s upbringing. Amor reminds us that words can be a powerful balm in healing those past wounds. But they don´t need to be pretty, just truthful.

Neptune sits in Pisces, watching over us all and asking us whether our relationship with an perception of Spirit is truly what we think it to be. The Pressures that Saturn places on our Faith-Spirit-Connection right now can crush spiritual ideals that put us out of alignment, detach us from Truth, render us overly vulnerable or susceptible and so on. It can equally consolidate your Faith, put you even more firmly onto a road to Truth and teach you how to balance Strength, Sensitivity, Openness and Discernment.

Remember that hypersensitivity is not the same as being hyperspiritual. Boundaries (Virgo) and Strength (Saturn) are called for at this time. Just as Openness, Compassion and Faith are.

Many have asked me what remedies I can bring to the situation and the Truth is the only thing I can think of is Faith. Act on what you Have to, Stand your Ground, and Have your Faith. Not necessarily a faith that something specifically good or bad will happen, but a Faith that exceeds human perception and expectation of a situation.

Some ask me why their God or Goddess isn´t saving them from pain – and here I might differ with many – and I ask them instead to look back at their paradigm (Sagittarius) and its take on Suffering (Neptune). So many people in the world pray or do rituals because they expect the Gods or Goddesses to do something for them. Because there is the expectation that prayer, rituals, being altruistic, going to a temple will yield some specific benefits.

What I have found in my work as a Priestess is – that´s just not how they roll – at least not with me. What I am called to do, I have to do without considering the outcome. There are no guarantees.

And it is in that moment where Faith kicks in, or you mourn its Absence.

That´s another thing we´ll be seeing with the Saturn-Neptune alignment. A whole lot of Disillusionment and Suffering for some – and a whole lot of Consolidation and Clarity for others. It all comes down to whether the Path we take truly aligns with Spirit.

That does not mean that I do not suffer or do not feel pain. It just means that I do not believe that my relationship with Spirit is meant to insulate me from unpleasant experiences. To, navigate them better, perhaps.

What I would suggest, at this time, is to look at what you can do to alleviate suffering. Sometimes it´s a prayer, sometimes it´s something physical, sometimes it´s just being there. Not because it´ll get you good karma, but just because. You don´t need a because.

Whatever you feel you can do to help another (who needs it and it isn´t just starting a horrible karmic cycle of dependency), go go go.

I also see so many who feel vulnerable. Pushed the point of breaking down and I would like to remind them / you / me that we are far stronger than we believe.

Even if the Gods and Goddesses don´t appeal, Have Faith in the Self. You´ve survived through so much, and you will continue to survive.

The fact you can still feel as much you can feel is proof of that. You haven´t shut down your Heart. Keep Going. Just know when to tune out and recharge for a bit.

And of course there are the – I´m too holy for engaging with this petty real-world stuff – types. Well, Good Luck to Ya 😉 The Cosmos has more in store for us all.

Trying to deny the existence or experience of certain energetic forms as a means to stop one´s perception of it (in my experience) has never really worked.

You are going to feed energy to anything that comes your way. No matter how deeply you try to burrow it into the back of your mind. So you might as well feed it with the kind of energy that forces it to transmute. I remind you here of the powerful lessons of Kung Fu Panda 3. (Excellent Film)

After all, at the end of the day – don´t we consider Acceptance-of-All at the deepest level one of the keystones of Spiritual Experience?

If you do need to withdraw from something, do so consciously and ask yourself Why?

What other options are there?

Are there fruitful avenues for engagement?

Are there ways you can support or hold space from afar?

What needs to change or be created for you to transmute whatever is out of balance? (Remember – energy is neither created nor destroyed … it just moves around in different forms)

What are you not seeing or not wanting to see?

And Why?

With Neptune´s involvement – things are … very rarely what they appear to be at first glance. Use that Virgo energy and peel away the layers.

Keep the questions coming … Let your Mind and your Spirit and Heart and all parts of you engage with whatever you´re facing, or are helping another to face.

In any case – Dancing with these themes will be at the core of the Grand Mutable Cross Saturn is a part of as She stations direct. There´s a lot more going on, don´t doubt that for a moment. But I suspect these will be the ´Big´ themes for most of us. Themes which we will continue to revisit over the next few months.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. The work of this Priestess is so important and so necessary. A voice that heals in darkness and light. I honour her soul’s expression and her guidance and clarity of voice with the highest respect. In my effort to offer moral support by sending a private message when her passport was stolen in Spain, bedridden all I could do was send a note of encouragement. In reply she offered me her gifts purely out of the goodness of her heart. This act of generosity comes from an exceptional person, one who is connected in such a way that their guidance is so necessary to the evolution of this miraculously complex life of humans, in assisting in raising the collective consciousness as written in the stars or through the alchemy of the universe. I was so blessed for the session that illumined so much that confused and taunted me. She gave of herself as only great teachers rooted in the feminine power can. Bless you Bairavee. We are with you, stay the course dear sister and shine for the benefit of all whom are fortunate to cross paths and seek your healing guidance. Blessings and love!


  2. My revelation:

    The earthly plane is a school, so naturally it has tests and projects. Things get crazy when the other students around you are failing their tests or acting out.

    “All things work to the good of those who serve Him” is what we say when moving on from such. It means that God can bend Any event to serving his will that all, “partake in the Divine nature.” II Peter 1:4.

    Sometimes there are a groups of students who are trapped. I believe that God sometimes chooses someone who is strong in spirit and goodness to go into that trap and show them the way out. That, l believe is why bad things sometimes happen to good people.


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