Last night, I went out with my family as I needed to unwind after the intensity of the past few days – and the sessions therein. Deep energetic facilitation on the self or others evokes powerful and complex emotional, psychological and spiritual responses. Good self-care for facilitators involves some element of downtime after particularly intense work.

There´s an essential oil shop nearby the place we usually hang out. I headed in and sniffed out my usuals: Rose, Lavender, etc.

And my nose just said, hell No.

The oil base they´d used simply overpowered the scent of the oils themselves and I just wrinkled my nose at it.

Okay … so I waved my hand over 10 rows of roughly 60 or 70 bottles and picked up which ones I felt drawn two.

One was Frankincense (Boswellia carterii). Excellent for opening spiritual channels in a protective way and for banishing entities from spaces – in a nutshell. That one I had used before, at the suggestion of my dear sister Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall (my go-to expert for oils!).

The smell was uplifting, as usual. So I grabbed that.

The other scents were Palmarosa (which I came across first) and Pettitgrain (the last). Both of them were new to me.

Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini) is a calming oil, eases nervous exhaustion and provides a mental focus before ritual work. It also calms excessive heat in the body, matters of indigestion and body pain.

It´s also an excellent regenerator for the skin 😀 😀 😀 Which is perfect for my pirate scar from recent surgery.

Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium) turned out to be perfect for the release of dense emotions from the self and from one´s space. It facilitates winding down, particularly after intense energetic facilitation (and what it evokes in yourself or who you´re working with).

I kept getting drawn to citrussy smells – which fits current astrology. These are smells that stimulate the stomach and purify one´s space. Which is perfect for today´s Sun/Mercury Retrograde conjunction at 20 Virgo. A time we focus on our mental, physical, spiritual and energetic health, boundaries and practices. This is especially important for those who identify with the archetype of the Priest/ess or Facilitator, especially those who seek to preserve, nurture and/or heal personal-and-planetary energies.

As an Earth Element, Virgo focuses its energies on the material form – but – being ruled by Mercury, also brings a sharp intellectual or analytical focus to the way the work gets done. It corresponds strongly to the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot.

Virgo is also associated with the digestive and absorptive processes as well as the nervous system. Bellies are more likely to be sensitive at this time, so take it easy in terms of food intake, if you feel that´s right for you. The same applies to situations that cause nervous strain.

This conjunction is squared Mars at 20 Sagittarius. There are many ways to respond to the challenges, messages and opportunities presented by Sun-Mercury Rx. Do not assume that your path or method is the best for everyone else, but do take bold steps towards your own movement – in the direction of your choice. The same applies to healing or energetic modalities.

I would highly recommend working with the oils mentioned above (Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Frankincense), should your noses be drawn to them, gemstones such as citrine and yellow or golden topaz, should your bodies be drawn to them, and with the archetype of the Lion. Working with the Gold or Yellow ray in meditation will be beneficial.

Petah (my dear sister) also suggests Lime, Lemon and Wild Orange (essential oils). I´m not surprised I wasn´t drawn to these as they´re part of my regular diet – but they will most certainly be of use in this alignment.

In terms of meditations, I would suggest working with the benevolent presence of Ma Pratyangira Devi. Here is a powerful mantra of hers, symbolizing the archetype of the Golden Lion (and many other things). Pay attention to your Solar Plexus, and, if appropriate, your Third Eye or Throat Chakras (or whatever comes up for you).



That being said, if you´re already over-activated .. try something calming instead, possibly through a different elemental/energy base. I would recommend Lepidolite or Amethyst or Blue Lace Agate (gemstones) and Lavender (the essential oil) for anxiety and stress. Light Blue is a lovely colour to work with in this case.

I work with this meditation and encourage my clients to do the same when energetic calming is required. This is an invocation of the angelic host from the Hebrew tradition.



Also, it might be worth checking in with a good practitioner if you are unsure about how to use them and/or are allergic or sensitive to gemstones/oils. Even the best medicine, applied in an incorrect way, can become poison.

Always, always tune in to your own body before trying something new – and (in addition to that) seek guidance from one with the requisite experience.

Having said that, my experience with essential oils and gemstones, and their intersections with astrology and spirituality has been a joy

And I hope it will be so with you too!

So yes … the Nose Knows ! 😀

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

#sniffingouttheskies #sunmercuryrx20virgo #theskypriestess

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  1. I noted in your commentary on the new moon eclipse (Sept 1st) , that you said to check 20 Cancer in our charts since that is where Vesta would be for this full moon eclipse as well as two key dates in March 2017 (when Vesta Retrograde ends, and the Virgo Full Moon)

    If you have time to respond, please offer a bit of idea on what would it mean for the oscillating Apogee (ie Black Moon Lilith) and the Vertex, to both be within one degree of that (along with Tantalus) and then Hylonome to be two degrees away?

    Thanks – and blessings for all that you offer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good grief. Is that all in your natal chart? Well, it´s not a bad thing, but, especially in Cancer – it´s a time where you are – very powerfully – asked to look at the way you deal with emotional, intuitive (traditionally understood as) feminine vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities you will be drawn to like a moth to a flame, only to realize that you do have a choice. Hylonome suggests that some of this will have to do with the question of whether you have a partner in your life and if this is a vital requirement for your survival. There´ll also be a lot of inner rebellion over that question, especially with Lilith´s energy about. So quite a lot of internal push-pull so to speak. Does that answer your question? x Big hugs ❤


      1. yes it is all natal ! what you describe does feel very in tune with how things have felt and what is going on … it feels good to be able to recognize how this timing / alignment can help with these issues (and, to have you highlight them as you have). thank you, and much love ❤


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