No matter how sacred, religious and utterly God/Goddessy a vibration or impulse seems – if it compels you to do things beyond your conscious control and Will, affecting your life in an adverse way – treat it as you would an addiction. There´s nothing wrong or shameful in that. But when your energy signature meets someone or something larger than itself that it cannot create a healthy relationship with – draw appropriate boundaries. Especially with Eris-Uranus conjunct tomorrow, I cannot understate the importance of spiritual and psychic boundaries – because this energy is HUGE.

Eris represents the Rising energy of the Feminine and Uranus brings in the possibilities of Change, Transformation and Awakening. Eris is also associated with the Discord that is wrought of wide-scale War (think of Troy). When these two get together, there´s going to be a multi-channelled awakening of Feminine energy.

Some of it will Fiercely Nurture and some of it will want to Destroy the world that enslaved it so. At a personal level, you may feel experiences of wanting to break through the system, the people, the relationships that have made you feel shackled. For some, it´s going to be a graceful exit. For others … a red hot raging mess of emotions, intensity and righteous rage. Some of you can and will harness this towards finding greater authenticity and freedom of Being – fantastic, keep at it! But there will be others who simply lash out in senseless acts of violence, be it physical, psychological – and so on.

Personally, I believe that Fierce Love and Restructuring of the Collective need not necessitate Violence. That may be idealistic talk for some of you, but it´s the energy that I wish to bring to my engagement with Eris-Uranus. The first activation was in June 2016 and the final one will be in March 2017. So we will not be done with this energy any time soon.

You may want to read my earlier piece on ´When Not All Darkness is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess´ – especially if you feel these impulses to be leading you in places you do not wish to enter.

Because we label energies as ´sacred´, ´evil´, ´God´, ´Goddess´ and ascribe a given moral value to them, we also try to fit our experiences to internalized expectations of what such experiences must ultimately mean. And if anything, what I have found is that the values we project unto our spiritual constructs rarely match the experience one has of such energies directly.

One of the biggest self-imposed mindtraps that humanity places on its relationship with Spirit falls on the pedestalization-vilification spectrum. As … problematic as the vilification of the Dark Goddess is … so too is accepting the channels of Her energy without question or critical reflection. When we ask such questions, we are told that we lack faith. I can´t say I agree with that.

If we believe in the power of prayer, ritual and collective belief-systems – consider the energetic effect that thousands of years of suppression on a particular archetype or energy signature of the Feminine will have created.

No.. it´s not all roses and buttercups and daffodils. Parts of the rising Erisian energy are …. toxic. And some we can clear up, others, we hold space for. Or we find balance with using other elements, deities or energy signatures.

Remember – as much as we may want to romanticize the Rising Feminine – Eris is the Goddess who basically caused the Trojan War. She threw down the Apple of Discord to a wedding party after she realized she didn´t get an invite. There are other ways to re-write and re-signify the Eris Myth, but that is the core. And at least a part of that energy will still play out in that narrative.

Those who fear the impulses that are awakened now will run away from them. Those who over-identify with them will jump in head-first. Neither is necessarily a balanced option.

So what do you do?

My response to this is to seek a different meaning or narrative to the Dark Goddess / Rising Suppressed Feminine energy. And for me, that requires the Heart, Detachment and Calmness. Without these as counter-balances, chances are we´re just going to be playing out the Eris myth. Yet again. (WW2 emerged from the events that followed the Eris-Uranus conjunction).

So how does it work?

Coming from the Heart and striving to find a space of Detached Calmness through the Storm does not negate the need for Change nor does it invalidate the pain and suffering that so many have borne. It simply means that we will be in a better space to act upon our deeper impulses and drives in ways that do not cause unnecessary damage. You will act out passionately, in whatever way you see fit, so it is best to have a counter-point, an anchor which allows you to reflect upon what you´re doing, how and why.

Here is a video explanation and a guided meditation that I have just made in response to many of you who have reached out for help and support at this time.

Blessings and Love ❤

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Dark Mother’s Children ; The Sky Priestess

A huge hug to my big brother Ashoka Mohannan for holding space and co-facilitating ❤

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.

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  1. Once again, beautifully worded, compassionately framed. The sublime beauty and capacity of this dark, feminine energy, the courage and strength it took to endure is not lost to rage and destruction. This is creation, matter and spirit together; a new thing. As Richard Tarnas says, “The patriarchy is the 6 thousand year birth canal of the great Mother goddess.” Compassion says “Of course she will emerge bloody and screaming”. Love says, “We have to be here for her as there is always danger in birth. This is our work.” Viveka says, “Prepare yourself.” BB says, “Incoming!”, from the front lines. Thanks to you. We are here. Let’s not drop this baby.

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