I keep getting a single message for this upcoming Gemini Full Moon:

Simply Be.

When I turn to the astrology, I see a cascade of alignments, all of which can be analyzed, synthesized and re-constituted into a narrative. But somehow that misses the holism of the larger picture, so I´m going to stick with a very light summary.

You can have a look at the news headlines to see how this alignment shapes global events – but you know what, I´m going to stick to what you – as an individual – can do.

The Sun (22 Sagittarius) trines, whilst the Moon (22 Gemini) sextiles Eris (22 Aries), Uranus (20 Aries) and Ceres (The Mother- Nurturer, 21 Aries).

5 out of 6 points are present in the skies, creating a Near-Perfect Grand Sextile (Star of David / Hexagram) in the skies with Uranus, Ceres, Mars, Pallas Athena, Saturn, Juno and Jupiter. The ´missing´ point is 22 Leo (unless we include esoteric asteroids). Even a Near-G. Sextile brings with its incredible capacities for manifestation. Pay attention to your intentions at this time, and give them room to manifest.

Bear in mind that we are manifesting intentions set during the Gemini New Moon (June 4, 2016) which are now beginning to take form. We faced a pretty intense Grand Mutable Cross back then, with Jupiter, Nodes, Saturn, Venus, and Vesta. A useful exercise would be to write a short account of what has transpired since then, till the present – and how you have evolved in response.

If we look at the energy of Gemini itself, we´re encouraged to communicate, analyze, reflect and to explore a wide variety of experiences. Some may revisit their early childhood experiences and relationships with siblings in an effort to understand how their internalized constructs have taken shape. That being said, we´re days away from the start of the Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (Mercury is ruled by Gemini). Think through what you feel, want to say or commit to, and just let things emerge.

Don´t feel the need to set a focused intention for this alignment, and just sit with it. There is so much coming through from the collective that being able to hold that space is more than enough. The time for action comes later.

Let the energy shift when it needs to. Let You shift when You need to.

Self-expression (through writing or speech) can be cathartic … whatever comes, just go with the flow. Be a butterfly and let your conscious focus go where it needs to.

The Gemini Full Moon goes exact at 00:05 am, 14 December 2016 (UTC time). That´s the 13th for those of you in the Americas.

Blessings and Enjoy Being!

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post and Image © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.

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